The man pictured in the surveillance videos posted earlier has been arrested by Seattle police on suspicion of murdering Teresa Butz, 39, early Sunday morning in South Park.


Around 6:30 p.m. police spokesman Sean Whitcomb sent out an e-mail identifying the man as Isaiah M.K. Kalebu, and identifying the pit bull that's with him in the videos as "Endo."


Within a half hour of Whitcomb publicly identifying Kalebu, he was apparently in custody.

UPDATE: According to Whitcomb, Kalebu, 23, was arrested after a Metro bus driver who was aware that police were looking for a man with a pit bull spotted Kalebu and his dog near Magnuson Park. Police swarmed the area and quickly found him.

"The suspect surrendered to officers without incident," Whitcomb said in a statement. "He is in custody and en route to Seattle Police Headquarters for questioning. He will ultimately be booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Murder. The suspect was with his pit bull at the time of apprehension. The dog has been released to the care of Seattle Animal Control."

UPDATE 2: Court records show that last year Isaiah Kalebu's mother, Denise, called police for help after Isaiah, who was living with her at her apartment in Burien, threatened to kill her.

Denise told authorities that on March 29, 2008, she'd commanded her son to take the medication he'd been prescribed for his bi-polar diagnosis—a diagnosis he'd been given after being involuntarily committed the previous day by Seattle Police. Isaiah Kalebu became angry. He then said calmly: "You're dead to me... Just leave... Enjoy your last day on earth."

According to a King County Sheriff's report, Denise then grabbed a pair of scissors to defend herself and her two younger children, ages 8 and 3. Isaiah Kalebu responded to that by telling his mother: "You're gonna die... You're no match for me... Those scissors are no match for me or my dog."

Denise fled with her two children, and told her son to be out of the apartment by the next day. He replied: "Go fuck yourself."

Then he walked past her with a backpack, his pit bull, and a knife with a six-inch blade, and headed toward the Burien Park and Ride. When Denise and Isaiah Kalebu's father caught up with him he said: "My family has forsaken me... You'll never see me again."

According to the report, the next day police were called again because Isaiah Kalebu was back at his mother's apartment in Burien and using a rock to smash the windows of her Ford Freestyle. When she told him to stop, he told her: "Go fuck yourself." When she'd told him to leave, he told her: "You're all dead."

On the advice of police, Denise fled to the house of a family member. Isaiah Kalebu found her within a few hours. He then threw a large rock through the front window of the house, the report says, after which he stood in the street with his pit bull yelling, "You're all dead."

He shouted to his mother: "Come on."

Fearful, but not wanting him to get away, Denise and others confronted him. Isaiah Kalebu took the leash off his pit bull and commanded it to attack her. When the dog didn't attack, Isaiah Kalebu began swinging the leash at her, pushing her, and ultimately grappling with her.

From the report: "Denise stated that Isaiah had assaulted her by biting her on the leg as she tried to hold him down by lying on him, and he also hit her on the head with the metal chain portion of his dog leash.... Denise said that she could see Isaiah in the patrol car after deputies arrested him and she saw him say, 'You're all gonna die,' while he smiled."

UPDATE 3: The Seattle Times reports that Isaiah Kalebu is also a person of interest "in a Tacoma fire earlier this month that killed two people, including Kalebu's aunt. The fire started the day after Kalebu's aunt filed for a protection order against him and made him leave her house."

With research help from Jonah Spangenthal-Lee