ESPN reports:

Former two-division world champion Vernon Forrest was shot and killed Saturday night during an attempted robbery, police said Sunday.30cc/1248646820-_poster.jpg

Fulton County medical examiner Michele Stauffenberg confirmed the case was a homicide and that the autopsy showed Forrest died from "multiple gunshot wounds involving the torso and thigh." Sgt. Lisa Keyes said a police report on the shooting was not immediately available.

WSB Radio in Atlanta first reported the shooting, citing a police spokesman. Forrest, who was 38, lived in Atlanta and was an Augusta, Ga., native.

Lt. Keith Meadows told the radio station that Forrest was shot seven or eight times — at least once in the head — as he chased at least two men who had tried to steal his Jaguar as he put air in its tires at an Atlanta gas station. Forrest had a gun and confronted the men, who fatally wounded him with two semi-automatic weapons, according to police.

"At this point we have a general description of at least two black males driving a red Monte Carlo," Meadows said, according to the report.

Keyes said that there are no official suspects at this time.

If Vernon had not had a gun, if he had let go of the fancy car, he might have been around today to talk about the robbery to the press. Turning society into a war of all against all is not the solution. I would rather be shot down by a robber than be in a situation where I'm exchanging gunfire with a robber.