Oh, Seattle School Board candidates. Is there no end to your crazy? Apparently there is not. As KUOW reported this morning, two school board candidates have "fudged" their resumes:

The candidates are Betty Patu and Kay Smith-Blum. Patu claimed a bachelor's and a master's degree from Antioch University, Seattle, in the voters' pamphlet and on her Website. But she only has a bachelor's degree.

953b/1249929138-patu.jpgPatu says when she filed for election, she thought she'd have her master's degree within 10 days. She says she had to interview people for her final paper and her interviews fell through. So she missed her June 15 graduation deadline.

Patu: "When I wrote it down, in the back of my mind, I really, really thought that I would have everything finished on the 15th. You know, but, like everything we plan, everything doesn't always go the way we want it to go. I don't feel guilty about it because I know that in two weeks I'll be able to turn in my research paper in order to for me to actually receive my master's degree."

As for Blum:

d9e6/1249929248-blum.jpgKay Smith—Blum said in the voters' pamphlet and on her Website that she double majored in marketing and statistics in college. But the University of Texas says her major was marketing.

Smith—Blum admits that's the only major the university recorded for her. But she also studied statistics and she's always called herself a double major, even though the University of Texas didn't record double majors then. She says she took more statistics classes than she had to, as electives.

Smith—Blum: "It's important to me that the public know I have always been data—driven. And I feel my decision—making processes are informed by the numbers as well as any human element of any policy question. So whether I'm making decisions in a retail business, or potentially making decisions at the board level for Seattle Schools, I feel I would be able to best address any data accumulation in a very educated way."

Smith—Blum says she has no problem saying it's not accurate to call her degree a double major in statistics.

Btw: We endorsed them both!