"One regular one, and one Indian one." Genius!
Holy. Shit.
omg I'm going to explode. I want to strangle the ignorance right out of them.
This strikes me as intentional amateur comedy. Not that people aren't this ignorant, just that watching this my b.s. alarm went off immediately. If you watch her other video, it's even more like that. And she posted a comment somewhere about how hard it is to make Jesus angry. So...yeah. I could be wrong, of course.
They're stupid I almost think it's a fake conversation.
Yeah, my BS detector went off too. But, who knows. I have no doubt that there are people/kids that stupid out there...
The "an Indian is like if an African and an Asian had a baby" line broke my bullshit meter right in two.
i believed it until i read her comments.
Watching it thinking it's a put-on, she's actually pretty funny in places. Sacha Baron Cohen has inspired a new generation, perhaps.
Fake. But genius.
I thought it was made-up too, but still funny as hell!

“Do you feel god?”
“I feel Krishna”
i dunno, kids in general aren't crafty enough to know about satire and creating such a piece of shit as this....
It is funny how folks are unwilling to believe such ignorance exists in America. Her follow-up video claims the girls are about to be "freshmens" in high school. This is America. Kids are this ignorant.
No words.
0:55 = all I needed to see.
My BS detector would go off, if I hadn't experienced something similar to this growing up. Being an Indian in town that doesn't have a large Indian population your asked a lot of stupid questions. Growing up I was told by my friend that only christians go to Heaven, and that since I was Hindu I would go to hell. I just know that in Sara's place I would have been way more angry and probably cried. Watching this was painful, and to see that 20 years has not changed how kids treat other different children is just heartbreaking.
America has a surpring number of stupid rednecks. It's a fact. Use it as you will.
18… The B.S. alarm goes off at the 2:05 mark in this other video by Molly.
nice...she is pregnant...
This is the best satire I've ever seen.
I couldn't help but notice that the Indian girl's real name is Saraswathi. Saraswathi is the Hindu goddess of knowledge and education. It seems as though Sara's "regular friends" could benefit from a large dose of both.
#13 - to think this is a put-on is not to say that this kind of ignorance doesn't exist. In my first post I said that, actually. And anyway, if it didn't exist, there would be nothing as the subject of the put-on, yes?
"Saraswathi" - that's another clue :) The Hindu goddess of knowledge and education! These girls are so brilliant.
This video may be a joke, but I grew up in the South and I will ASSURE you that most people are this way, aka ignorant of their own religion yet ready to shove it down your throat. I was told at 9 years old if I died I would go to hell if I died because I hadn't been baptized.
#18: yes. And in that video, also, she's padded up to look pregnant. "The pill is a no-no" poster and pregnant = put-on.
Another vote for "Satire".
And yes, this kind of ignorance, stupidity and arrogance does exist, sadly among kids calling themselves christians.

Sil , sorry for what you had to go thru...
Give kids SOME credit. My friends and I at this age cut our comedy teeth on The Kids in the Hall, The State and Monty Python and we used to do little skits like this on a tape recorder back in the days before the internet. These ladies are fledgling satirists for sure. A glance at the other videos confirms this.
Phew... I guess I'm easy. I was thoroughly depressed watching it, but comments have convinced me it was a put-on. Pretty impressive, really, to hold a straight face for so long.
I vote fake, and very funny.
To save you, the reader, the work, some "Molly" comments:

"Well it's not just believing in God, it's having the very close relationship like I have with God, it gets you places. God believes in nepotism."

"what are you talking about, I will live a long time, like noah or edward cullen"

Responding to someone saying "Saraa" is on a higher level: "No im ahead of her on most levels. Like on runescape im way higher lvl."

Responding to "Are your parents related?": "Alas, I am afraid I had a rather Dickensian childhood - my parents died not long after my birth, and I was left to fend for myself on the cruel backstreets of New Jersey, with nothing to comfort me but for the everlasting light of God and the heavenly tunes of Miley Cyrus! I therefore do not know if my parents were related or not, but it certainly would make things more dramatic, no?"

And, in response to someone trying to define agnosticism: "No. Atheism is lacking a belief in God (a weak atheist may also be agnostic, a strong atheist might be considered dogmatic) Agnosticism say that it's impossible to know either way. True agnostics would give it a 50-50 chance, but most people who are agnostics lean towards either atheism or theism. I think you're thinking about something more like deism."

So, anyway, I suspect put-on.
I'm going to guess fake. She's recently updated the description of her video with this:

"p.s. there have been a lot of people wondering whether this video is real or not. i will say that it is as real as God"

Anyway, if I'm wrong, she is one of the stupidest people I've ever seen. If it really is satire, this girl is brilliant and I want to be her BFF.
Oh, to be, like, young and, like, white and, like, I mean, just totally just like, um, you know like, what's that word? Oh yeah, like, just, like, privileged. Or, like, ignorant, or something.
to all of you who think this is fake? sorry. kids today are THIS stupid and ignorant.

where are the kids in the vid from? my guess is that they are not that educated OR that they live somewhere in "the middle", as in...the middle of our country. where all the idiots are. (that and the south.)
AGAIN: to think this is a put-on is not to think people aren't this ignorant. It's, rather, to see cues in this that lead one to believe it's a put-on. Such as the long list of comments posted by the girl who shot it, which I listed above, and which clearly are not the work of someone as dumb as the girl in the video. I suppose you think the World Of Warcraft tantrum is real too.
I learned something new today. I did not know what "Poe's Law" was until I saw it in her video tags. Interesting Wikipedia reading.
wanna be improv comics.
I wish.
@ 34, I was putting my bets on Indiana.
This is fake. It's super fake. Look at one of her favorite films on her youtube account. One of her favorites is called "An Atheist Meets God" which is laughter inducing and blatantly a joke. It's great humor though simply because so many people believed it. I thought it was real, and it's so believable because there are people who think like this, and thus who sound this stupid. Well played, satirist.
lol u trollin
This is totally fake.
Fake? Ahuh. Funny? Not so much...
A variation on Pascal's Wager was used. I say Poe.

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