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They should hook up with Hollow Earth Radio.
Never heard of it.
Luke owns the TBTL "brand", or whatever you want to call it, and is broadcasting over the interwebs, from his home, starting today.
Shocking. Who would have thought that Seattle radio listeners would tune-out three hours a day of vapid mumbling by blasé self-absorbed radio personalities whose entire vocabulary consisted of pop-culture fragments absorbed while watching TV Land.
@4 Yeah, it's much more interesting to listen to an angry old white guy shouting catchphrases like "death panels" and "socialism".
what's their FM signal so I can block it on my iPod Nano?
Anything that contributes to Dori Monson's paycheck should die.
KIRO also changed up their hourly format to broadcast the national top-of-the-hour CBS news and interrupts the surviving on-air personalities every 7 minutes for traffic updates. This approach clearly is designed to compete with the all-news-all-the-time KOMO 1000 news format.

Sure, the TBTL podcast remains, thankfully. But I got into TBTL - and KIRO at all - by actually hearing the show by sheer accident on the air on my way home one night in its first week.

Clearly, by shunning TBTL exclusively to the interwebs, KIRO seems to be giving up on attracting younger listenership to its terrestrial broadcast out of fear of losing their predominantly baby-boomer demo. Replacing TBTL with a conservative-leaning talk show host in the 7-10pm slot isn't exactly going to compete with KEXP.
I loved TBTL with all my heart. TBTL taps into something special, and others agree, since the podcast has fans all around the country. Kind of crappy when someone does something different and instead of inspiring others, they lose their jobs. suck.
I have no reason to keep an AM radio in my car anymore. TBTL was the only good and decent thing on the airwave, and although I still have a soft spot in my heart for Dave Ross, I can't in good conscience continue to listen to a station that supports Playground Bully Dori Monson and that moron Frank Shire (sp?). Dori blasted Obama every 20 minutes during the election race with "experts" who proclaimed that the market was tanking because of the THREAT of Obama winning, and Dori would then shrilly and giddily proclaim that the market was going to MELT DOWN if Obama won. Oddly, Dori hasn't taken any air time to retract his statements or take responsibility for his absolute lack of objectivity honesty or prescience. As for TBTL - the only truly fun and engaging thing left on the AM dial. KIRO has slowly gone conservative, and Dave Ross is the only real progressive thinker (ie: thoughtful not rhetorical and bombastic) left on the station. TBTL will hopefully live on in podcast. Jen and Sean were half the fun so hopefully they'll be involved too, especially Jen - a wonderful, caring, genuinely funny human being. Thank you for the best 390+ shows in Seattle radio history.
TBTL was, and always will be the shit. Download those podcasts and listen to them while I am purifying RNA or cloning DNA. Makes the time fly by like a Georgia Pie. Hoo Wee. Now your talking. Mama, forget life.
TBTL was the ONLY thing I listened to on Kiro. ALL of their hosts, except Luke, whores who pimp themselves out for local business to fatten their paychecks. You can't listen to a SINGLE program on that channel without hearing someone drop an ad placement in their show, or hear them on absurd, cheesy commericials, pimping "As seen on TV" type products
It's hard to imagine any of them, including Ross, give a damn about radio journalism, quality radio, or the issues they talk about. Anytime I do happen to hear KIRO I am left with a very clear understanding that the host is just looking for a paycheck and is counting the minutes till the show ends.
I could write an essay on the fake personas he hosts adopt to manufacture outrage and stir the pot. None of them are genuine.
Fortunately, radio as a whole is on it's way out, and the twits at KIRO (Hosts and management) will have a hard time selling their brand of "radio" to an audience that picks their programing a la carte and demands more than same ol' tired schtick.

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