In the footsteps of five large companies that issued a statement yesterday, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce came out today in favor of approving Referendum 71, thereby upholding the domestic partnership bill.

“This law is about the rights and responsibilities of adults in committed relationships raising families, running businesses and owning property. Diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, and in our state as a whole, are core values in our business community,” Chamber chair Tayloe Washburn said in a statement. “We must protect and enhance them if we want to attract, retain and grow the talented workforce needed to stay competitive in the global economy. Supporting the Approve R-71 campaign sends the right message about the economic environment we have and want. ”

So how do they plan to "support" the campaign?

"A major factor in our decision to support is that it would likely have a positive impact on proponents’ fundraising efforts," says spokeswoman Christina Donegan. "We look forward to working with the campaign to support their efforts."

That's not quite the $5,000 commitment from Vulcan yesterday, but it's nice. Good job, Chamber of Commerce. Now invite all your wealthy friends to an "Approve- R-71" fundraiser.

In the meantime, you can DONATE to the Approve R-71 campaign HERE.