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Wow, I sent a very similar "reinforcing good behavior" message to her yesterday as well.

I encourage others to do the same.
What a quintessentially Northwest passive-aggressive email. "Wow, I'm so surprised that you did something I agree with for once because normally you're worthless." If there's ever a time for a straight up "Thanks," it's now.
Cantwell has earned the qualified praise. She did right this time, but she was a fucking weasel about this issue at the outset, which Slog covered well. And she should always, always have her feet held to the fire for her unforgivable vote on Iraq. Congress rolled over during the Bush administration and allowed them to run roughshod over the Constitution and our rights. We need to take every opportunity to remind them that we know the content of their characters.
Five seconds on my computer and I've done more investigative reporting than Eli Sanders:

During her career, Cantwell has received $354,485 from Health Professionals. How much have the ass lickers who voted for her given?…

People like Ms. Passarge are a regrettable waste of quarks.
maria's ass @4... I don't understand your point (besides that you're 'better than' Eli)

Are you saying that Health Professionals are never ass lickers?

Or that they never vote?

Or Health Professionals who lick ass don't vote.
too little
too late

single payer is toast

no one bleed for it when it counted

too little
too fucking late

your 'praise' is misplaced
It is now October 2, 2009 and Maria Cantwell has chosen to support the Seattle Group Health Co-op. This is not good and it amounts to a sell out in many ways. She first says "no single payer or public option", then she says "yes there is public option" and a few days later is getting attention because she supports Seattle Group Health Co-op. Does any one know how good the group health experiment is in Seattle? Is it open to the public? I heard a long time ago that it is part of Kaiser Permanente but they would not let my son transfer from Kaiser in Portland Oregon to Seattle back in the late 1990's.
Regarding Cantwell's voting "yea" for the War in Iraq. will show that she can not reverse what she did, and she should be held accountable forever. That one vote of evil cancels out her entire crediblity. The "weapons of mass destruction were never there, Chemical weapons not there, and no long range missles. Her vote gave Bush the ablity to kill 100,000 to 600,000 men, women, and children. She should never sleep a comfortable night again. My math factors Maria as a pollititian who did no research. she should have followed Colin Powell, and stepped down as a public servant

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