Today is the last day to register to vote online or by mail. But here's what you see at the voter-registration webpage:


There's been a "computer crash" at the state Department of Licensing, which maintains the online voter registration, says David Ammons, spokesman for the Secretary of State's office. "We were just informed by the Department of Licensing that they were having a problem and they will let us know when it is back up." You can register to vote in person until October 26 at the county elections office, but most people don't. "Today is the important deadline because most people register to vote by mail or online," he says.

Toby Crittenden, spokesman for the Washington Bus, which works to involve younger voters, says, "To have the online tool down on the very last day is really unfortunate—there will definitely be voters who would have otherwise registered, and aren't able to."

"There's always a big surge of people registering to vote right at the deadline, and in the last year and a half a large percentage of them have been registering online." Crittenden adds, "With two contentious and close initiatives on the ballot, any disenfranchisement is hugely concerning."

You can print out a voter registration form here and get it postmarked by today to vote in the November 3 election.

THE PAIN IS OVER! "Online voter registration is again open and active," Ammons writes.