Thanks to everyone who voted!
Well i think that Rise n Shine should get the money. All of the other organization are helping good causes this is true. But for those that do not know Rise n Shine helps provide many things for the kids and teens who are affected by HIV/AIDS. They provide Cistmas to many kids who otherwise would not have one, there are campouts and sleepovers at really cool places, and a week full of fun and events for them at summer camp and yearly group birthday celebrations. There are all sorts of events that cost the oganizations tons of money and much of it is through the work of volunteers who give time and money of thier own to make sure these kids have a childhood that is worth remembering.

In these hard economic times for an organization that depends so much on volunteers, $50,000 would provide so much for these kids so plese vote for Rise n Shine and do some good for kids who need it most.
Senior Services provides a wide array of services for the "invisible" folks in our community - food, referrals, information, adult day health services, creates community and transportation. All the other organizations are wonderful and deserving, however, my vote is for Senior Services.
Though I have strong feelings about many of the groups on the list I Have to give my vote to Rise n' Shine. I grew up in their program and truly believe that if it weren't for the support I recieved from them I would have killed myself long ago. I know those are very strong words but it is the truth. The connecting factor for all the children and teens of Rise n' Shine is HIV/AIDS and when I was a ten year old girl watching my father die they were there for me and my family in every way we needed. Their support goes far beyond that though. When my mother was going through treatment and trying to stay clean they were there for us. And when I was failing school because I was so depressed I could barely get out of bed in the morning let alone focus on dividing fractions they were there for me. To this day, fourteen years after I started with them, I still know I could call them and they'd be there for me. They are my family and I owe them my life.
They have had to cut so many amazing programs do to loss of funding. Please help them keep their incredable mentor program, weekly support groups and summer camp going so more kids can grow up like I have.
So many questions arise. the society that has been set forth is one of laws made up as we go. when some one makes a bad deal the first thought is, have to raise the cost, every wants more money and don't look to the root of the problem. heres a question? why do we allow companies to view the credit report of a person looking for work? how is one going to get out of debt if you cant get a job because you had some issues that was the fall of your employment. credit card companys love this. corprate america thives off those who live in their huge apartment complex, they too make you do a credit check to live in their dwelling.
if you speak to them about the reaon your credit is bad before they do a check and say they would concider your app and denie you they take your money for the credit check,so you spend all that money going from place to place to find sutable living conditions and when infact if you have bad credit you may as well head for the ghetto, that's what your are if you have bad credit, ghetto material. remember when you would go find an apartment and just talk to the manager who was most likely the owner of the building and when you moved in you had no worries when you went to sleep of did I lock the door? nope we have to many drugs past around and people will not help those in need of drug treatment and they end up with a revolving door to jail. our youth are taught to aim high and leave the stragalers behind. A law has been set that all children must go to school but if you live in a bad neighborhood forget about getting a fare chance at an education because if you live in the ghetto you better be good at ball, and that just another can of worms. why do we spend so much money on sport teams and close schools? why should a person make more money than one could spend in a life time and demand that city build them a new stadium. you make the money you build your own stadium. we have children, elderly and the homeless to care for. I feel perhaps muchis said, and I don't want to get to worked up of who should get money. don't matter does it? we had one bush an this society is filled with to many idiots so we had to go and toss another bush in there. who's nest Jed? why is our country in such a huge debt not to mention our homeless, our hungry our own people and the white house as well as others feel we should send food and money to aid out side our country. we need to put a lock on the door to our country and take care of us first and than think about who we should help? the imagrant population has exploded, our population is to much for what we are prepared for. we have people coming to the Untited States with no concern of human life and our Laws. we are lossing Law enforcment and this leading to the uprise of gangs.

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