COUNTRY DOCTOR! They are a WONDERFUL clinic who has helped me and my friends as well. They deserve it!
Is it better to give 100% to one group? Or rather to gain larger visibility via donating 12% to 8 groups?

I'm thinking a $6100 donation to 8 groups brings much more good will and appreciation, compared to a single donation.

In that way, you also garner more fundraising effort, as more people will work towards a goal they can support vs something the talking heads at the Stranger decide are worthy.
Low income housing, senior housing, community education services and community health clinics (including, specifically, The Country Doctor) and are all recent recipients of ARRA stimulus funding.

Urban Rest Stop all the way. This would be the second year in a row it has been overlooked.

Last year's recipient (Fare Start) had just also received quite a bit of cash right before they became a Strangercrombie donation recipient last year.
Wha? What happened to Solid Ground? They sounded like the best to me, from the first sets of comments.
I USED to feel bad and help out the homeless people when I moved to Seattle 2 years ago. Now, I CANT FUCKING STAND THEM. I see the SAME fucking people CONSTANTLY. Ive heard them lie, seen them steal and im annoyed by at least one DAILY.

These people are HAPPY being homeless or they would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Dont fucking reward them.

I work MY ASS OFF, cannot afford health insurance, l live paycheck to paycheck and in fact have $20 to last me the next week (with VERY limited food in the kitchen). I fucking STRUGGLE MY ASS OFF because I DONT WANT TO BE HOMELESS.

I REALLY dont believe the majority of these ppl dont want to be homeless. They have figured out how to thrive in it, and SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED.
I USED to feel bad and help out the homeless people when I moved to Seattle 2 years ago. Now, I CANT FUCKING STAND THEM. I see the SAME fucking people CONSTANTLY. Ive heard them lie, seen them steal and im annoyed by at least one DAILY.

These people are HAPPY being homeless or they would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Dont fucking reward them.

I work MY ASS OFF, cannot afford health insurance, l live paycheck to paycheck and in fact have $20 to last me the next week (with VERY limited food in the kitchen). I fucking STRUGGLE MY ASS OFF because I DONT WANT TO BE HOMELESS.

I REALLY dont believe the majority of these ppl dont want to be homeless. They have figured out how to thrive in it, and SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED.
Last years recipient was Treehouse, a great and worthy charity for foster kids. Northwest harvest was the recipient for the first few years, I don't remember Fare Start being a recipient.

I'm going for Urban Rest Stop this year. A lot of people overlook the difficulty of getting clean when down and out. The cleaner you are, the better chance you have at getting a job.
Yes, why it is all or nothing? I'm sure there's a reason for this (easier to promote?), but I'd be more likely to buy something if I knew the funds were being split up and going to a handful of places.
I echo the "fuck the homeless" sentiment of #5. How about helping people who actually need and WANT assistance?
Politically it makes sense to build ties to the poor becuase they are potential political allies often left on the sidelines. It makes little political sesne to bother with the homeless because they are mostly political ciphers.
@5, I can't even begin to explain how much of an asshole you are. I mean talk about fucking bitter hatred for people.
What about the spelling bees?

I didnt dislike homeless people UNTIL after I moved to Seattle. Like I said, I used to help them when I could.

2 years of their BS has brought me to the conclusions that I reached.

@#13 - Your just being ridiculous. They dont deserve to die... until they try and REALLY help themselves, they dont deserve ANYTHING.

If these ppl were using Urban Rest Stop to help GET A JOB or shower before work, great, but they really arent. They just refresh themselves to go out and beg for more money.
@3 community clinics are always facing budget shortfalls and could always use extra support. seattle has a number of excellent community health clinics that operate under the radar and could use some loving.

these clinics make all the difference to those most in need, such as pregnant women and infants who have no support networks but the clinic. i strongly support country doctor and maternal and child health projects.

You're incorrectly assuming that most homeless are the chronically homeless panhandlers you hate. There are many people living in their cars (as just one example) who still need to go to work or job interviews every day. Urban Rest Stop can be of incredible help to them.

Also, if you can't stand panhandlers, don't give them money. If everyone followed this rule, there would be no panhandlers.
Do you fucking wanker trolls even know what URS does, or is that too much to ask?
Capitol Hill housing raised their rent this year in practically all of their buildings due to a budget shortfall caused by the organization's OWN explansion.

I say screw 'em. They raised rents in studios and apartments to levels that at times EXCEED that of comparable non-low-income housing units.

Yes, #17, they offer free shower and laundry services for homeless individuals and families. So the stinky people everyone seems to hate can actually take a shit and a shower. Maybe even wash some underwear.

Also, they have nurses from Harborview that treat on site.

There should be a run off. I voted for Childhaven but Country Doctor was my second choice. When it comes to substance abusers/mentally ill homeless people I have real compassion fatigue. Use the money to help a child, not an adult incapable of making good choices. You can't fix poor judgment.
Most definitely agree on the runoff idea.
Childhaven! Let's put the money where all these problems start: childhood. Help abused kids become functioning adults.
Urban Rest Stop. I think the money will go the farthest in terms of helping the most number of people.
Hello, I manage the Urban Rest Stop. I would like to aanswer a few questions:
What do we offer : access to showers, toilets, laundry machines to homeless individuals and families. Public health nurses 3 mornings per week, 8:30 am to 11:30 am, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. Individual Information & Referral Services (also known as Case Management) -assistance with job applications, housing applications, referrals to housing,dental, vision, counseling & other community services, five days per week. Who uses the Urban Rest stop? Homeless individuals and families, the working poor, (people who make mimium wage in a city where you need to clear $17 per hour in order to make rent), children, elders, veterans. 60% of URS patrons are employed, often at minimum wage jobs, without health benefits. No one wants to be poor, without a home of their own or a way to take care of themselves or their family. The Urban Rest Stop is the only hygiene facility in Seattle that offers a place where homeless parents can clean themselves and their children. We are open from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Friday and on the weekends, during non-summer months from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our extended service hours are designed to assist the working poor and homeless to clean up and get ready for work or clean up after work. The homeless shelters in town are not equiped with showers and laundry facilities. A person who is not clean and presentable is not going to get hired or maintain their employment. You are welcome to come and visit the Urban Rest Stop at or visit us in person at 1924 9th Avenue.
Seriously.. the elderly are most often forgotten. You can say all that you want about them having money, or being cranky but most are living on fixed income and all their other costs are going through the roof. My vote is for Senior Services.
Country Doctor doesn't have fancy benefit parties or "cultivate" rich donors. They need this infusion so MORE people donate and so more people know they can go there for treatment. Even if you have insurance, you can make Country Doctor your primary care.
When I dropped off books and magazines at Urban Rest Stop, it was a mix of families and manual-labor guys doing laundry and waiting for the rest room. I was impressed with the volunteers and how clean the place was.

That one visit made me a fan for life.
Fuck Country Doctor.

Yeah, really...They denied service to one indigent friend of mine (and were rude about it) and seriously misdiagnosed another friend because they didn't run a simple standard test.

Also, the whole rapey doctor thing.
i agree with 26. city of seattle has made huge cuts to maternal and child health services. they need all the help they can get. pregnant women and infants are the most vulnerable of our population and early care is essential to life long health and wellness.
I think all are worthy however I will vote for Senior Services only because I'm the field representative and I see first hand the disabilities these folks have and in many cases they have nothing at all ie income because it goes to medical care or medicine etc. These people have been delt some bad cards later in life. I can only state reality this can and often will happen to us. Meals on Wheels is part of Senior Services and we provide food to people over 60 with medical issues and we ask for a donation or the suggested price per meal. We never turn anyone down. Thank you all for reading this.
I can't get behind Country Doc, sorry. I and two other people I know (on separate occasions) have been banned from there for seeking psychiatric help. We were told that we were "drug seeking" because we were trying to refill prescription medication that had run out. Yes, they must get a lot of legitimate junkies in there, and, yes, the medications were controlled (lorazepam in my case, the other two folks I know were looking for ADD/ADHD meds), but my next option was to go to the ER (and I have no insurance, of course, plus I had just come from inpatient care at Harborview for depression/anxiety a month before, so they knew I wasn't a junkie) and then find a doc at Pike Place Clinic, which has better resources to treat the mentally ill. I had a good experience with CD before when I had, say, a sprained wrist, but mental health care is a critical and life-threatening issue for the underprivileged and to make it first difficult to schedule an appointment (they have ONE psych nurse to cover everyone that comes is and the appointment setting process is very challenging if you're less than fully functional at the time) and then deny care is horrific. If it's down to CD or Urban Rest Stop, I vote Urban Rest Stop.
Thing is, Senior Services actually helps more than just elders - they also provide necessary services to many disabled folks as well. My second choice was Urban Rest Stop.
Senior Services also serves CAREGIVERS of seniors and Grandparents (and other folks) who are caring for grandchildren and other kin relatives. They do a LOT of good for a lot of people in the county.
@31: Thank you for giving some really valuable perspective. Mental health is the red-headed stepchild of health care. I'm sorry you got the shit end of the stick.

Having said that, I got called in to work at Country Doctor many times as an interpreter during 2006-7, and I was impressed every time with the quality of care and respect for their patients they demonstrated. As a Spanish interpreter, my clients are often marginalized and treated as second-class, but that was NEVER the case at Country Doctor. I think it'd be money well spent, perhaps on improving their mental health treatment.
Miss Stereo,
You are making a sweeping assumption about these groups funding sources (stimulus money) not to mention you are ignorant about the services these orgs provide.
@24: If someone can't afford to live in downtown Seattle, they shouldn't. There are plenty of other places a few miles away that are FAR more affordable (and bus/train-connected) and they have showers there too.
My vote is for Senior Services. As a volunteer driver for them (who does not even take mileage reimbursement) this is a much needed service. All the clients are so appreciative of what we do for them and wouldn't be able to stay as long as they do in their own homes without us. Also, as someone else stated, not only does Senior Services provide transportion, but also is the hub for Meals on Wheels. The elderly are constantly overlooked and Senior Services deserves this! Lastly, what is the need for all this vulgar language here?

It's too bad that places have to compete, because I happen to think that the Country Doctor AND the Urban Rest Stop are both very valuable services for people. But I differ with your assessment that people "thrive" in their homelessness, are nothing but lying, thieving bums who annoy you, and shouldn't be rewarded.

I can't control whether you get annoyed by people easily, but I can say, as someone who has worked at the Urban Rest Stop from 2000-2002, that people do not want to be homeless. Sure it appears that there are some who choose this, but there are many who have slipped into homelessness that have gotten out. I don't work there anymore, but I still live downtown, and almost every other day, I see a familiar face of someone I've helped at the Urban Rest Stop, and they are usually in a much better place, and if they recognize me, they are always very grateful for the help they received. The Urban Rest Stop has helped many people who do not fit your narrow assessment of what a homeless person is. So grow up or live a little. Stop making gross generalizations.

The 8 categories are great, but ethnic communities are missing. I would suggest creating another category for the most undeserved and least represented populations - the ethnic communities or organizations that serves them. These communities include Native Americans, Asians, Latinos, African Americans, and much more. If you want bang for your bucks… the organizations that serve these communities can do a lot with their funding and always provide a variety of services that is ethnically appropriate.

I'm kind of wondering what happened to all the groups mentioned in the first post - this is mostly groups from the later ones.
We need individually ranked voting.

Prior to my retirement, I worked in downtown Seattle, near the corner of Third and Washington, for a little more than eight years. That is roughly one block south of the King County Courthouse.

I could find coffee, hamburger, soup, salad, or a sit down breakfast, lunch or dinner meal, at many purveyors within a six block radius.

However, if I had $50 for every time I had to take action avoid a fresh human feces on the sidewalk, or in the doorway to the building where I worked, or in the doorway of other businesses, I probably would have been able to donate $50,000 cash to an Urban Rest Stop all by myself…

I can remember one homeless lady taking a dump against the side of the Frye Apartment building, in the alley, maybe less than 10 feet from Yesler Way.

I had just got off the CT bus and was walking to work. I was surprised at seeing the lady, and I guess that I had a look of shock on my face. The lady, somewhat embarrassed, looked at me and said, “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” I nodded my head in agreement and kept walking.

The warmer weather causes the aroma of feces and urine to permeate most of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th streets, between Washington and Cherry streets. It is an awful stench, only because there is no place for homeless folks to use a bathroom. The very few “porta potty’s,” located here and there, sometimes have "sleeping occupants" locked inside of them.

Therefore, an Urban Rest Stop is not just a convenience to the homeless and some travelers, it is a blessing to all the folks who work in that area of town. A place for folks to use a toilet, shower, and do laundry, is a common decency, and deserves our support.
Please consider Banchero Friends Services. They are the absolute best, they have had $50K of their funding from the state go away due to budget cuts, and they take care of the most vulnerable and deserving disadvantaged citizens. Without them, their clients would be either homeless, institutionalized, or burdensome in some way. With Banchero, they are in the workforce, safe, housed decently and have a community and good lives. They are more than worthy.
Jamie Holliday
Dear # 36, Unfortunately the Urban Rest Stop is the only hygiene facility in Washington state and the country that provides services the way we do. Yes, this is Ronni Gilboa responding to " If someone can't afford to live in downtown Seattle, they shouldn't. There are plenty of other places a few miles away that are FAR more affordable (and bus/train-connected) and they have showers there too." Throughout the past nine years that I have managed the Urban Rest Stop, we have had homeless and working poor individuals and families travel to use the Urban Rest Stop from outside downtown Seattle. People have traveled from Everett, Lake Stevens, Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Federal Way, Tacoma, Skyway, etc.,to take a shower and do a load of laundry. Would you travel for hours on a bus and then wait one to four hours for a shower and a laundry appointment? If you have a home, with a bathroom and laundry machines, you don't have to. If you have money, you can afford a laundry mat, a hotel room or sending your clothes to the cleaners. If you don't have money, live outside, or in a emergency shelter, you don't have access to a shower or laundry machine. Ronni Gilboa
Hey #35: this should help your ignorance:…
@3: Senior Services doesn't do senior housing, it provieds services supporting low-income and other seniors, eg helping them get access to nutritious food (Meals on Wheels), reducing their health problems by supporting fitness, providing access to information on available senior housing, etc. so they're not benefitting from the stimulus funds.
Heres the thing about the Urban Rest Stop they help all of us. Because if poor are sick and dont get clean we all get sick. Like in the middle ages when people brought diseases from town to town? To get well you got to have clean running water and hot running water. The Urban Rest Stop helps keep even broke people well. We need it.
I agree...first of all, let's try to refrain from making ourselves look stupid by making ugly, rude comments. Then, let's try to find the Spell Check button! ;D
Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets is an awesome storefront organization on Capitol Hill that works with current and formerly homeless individuals.
They use an empowerment model where the participants have a stake in the organization and the type of services it provides. They are among the staff, sit on the board and have an advisory group!
Actually Miss. Stereo use your own link. Not all are listed as your assumption stats. Ignorance for you must be Bliss
Also Farestart was not last years organization.
With 1,100 units of housing, Capitol Hill Housing has a large range of affordable apartments at different rental rates. Some of our units are for those transitioning out of homelessness and the very poor. These subsidized units can be as little as 30% of someone's income- even if it's a person living on a fixed income of $100 a month. Our more expensive units can include a 2 bedroom on north Capitol Hill for $890 a month- like one for rent right now. This is still way below market rates. These units are generally set aside for families and can allow them to continue to live in the city, close to jobs, services, and schools.
I volunteer for Senior Services and I can tell you, they do so much to better the lives of seniors! They have SO MANY programs like the huge Meals on Wheels program; and the SHIBA HelpLine operation, which is a free service to provide information on health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. They support the lives of ALL seniors and are doing everything they can to branch out to under-served populations. They will need all of our help as the boomer generation enters into retirement. I hope they get this money because they have suffered with all the budget cuts and aren't seeing any of the stimulus money. All it takes is the right click, everyone! ;)
what kind of person would not vote to help the mentally handicapped?
Banchero is one of the greatest places ever, their clients get together to put on plays, everybody gets a birthday party, they give these most kind souls everything that anyone could ask for in life, and all of the staff are there to help with genuine care and concern, and they are truly a family. This place needs this help very much, as they have recently lost $50,000 of funding from the government due to budget cuts.

Please help these innocent people.
is this like a lottery? if not then why dont they just have a lottery and the winner from the previous year would be excluded until the next year. it seems simple enough. instead of all these comments about why this program is better than another program. I just sit back and laugh at how people react when it comes to money.
Country Doctor makes a difference in the lives of so many. Given the current serious issues with healthcare access, citizens losing jobs and insurance.... this organization is a blessing. If you need healthcare services, Country Doctor is the place to go - regardless of your ability to pay.
Senior Services!! An amazing organization with AMAZING servant leaders serving AMAZING people! Senior Service could and would put 50K to good use serving their clients.


R.T. Ellis
Vebona Wellness
Senior Services does an AMAZING job for elders in our town.
And, I think it's a good idea to give all the money to one organization. The gift should be something they can really work with, rather than trying to do something with a token.
Since there are no choices to help animals or DV victims, I chose Childhaven. Anything to help those who don't have their own voice is something I support.
Wow what a tough choice for me between Country Doctor and Senior Services. Can these two split the Crombie? PUHLEEZE??
Banchero is also not a recipient of stimulus funding and are much in need of support after losing funds from the state, steep reductions in services for clients including section 8, day programs, wage freezes, etc. While all the agencies are of course deserving, my hope is with Banchero.
I wish that we could find a way of raising awareness of these wonderful organizations without having them have to compete against each other!
I agree. I like the runoff idea. Though this is a sporty exciting venture, I feel conflicted promoting one agency over another. This is similar to what happened in Olympia last session when we were forced to choose between children and elderly, disabled and students. When are we going to reevaluate our tax system in this state??!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless, thanks to the Stranger for putting this opportunity out! GO Banchero! Inching up in the polls!
well I can only said that all the organizations except for the Capitol Hill Housing deserves the strangercrombie donation because in one way or other they look to help our community in ways to improve their well being.
Lets hope the remaining seven organizations get something and hurray for all of them.

love to all
The Urban Rest Stop has not received any Stimulus funding. The current 2009 budget for the Urban Rest Stop is the same amount that we had when the Urban Rest Stop opened in March 2009. In order to stay open and to provide services to the over 27,000 homeless individuals and families that we have served, we have reduced available service hours and a reduced staffing level. The 500,000+ showers, 200,250+ laundry loads and 1,300,000+rest room uses the URS has provided, has enabled thousands of homeless individuals to get and secure employment, housing, education, increase their self-sufficency and improve their lives. The Urban Rest Stop helps keep the working poor and homeless and the housed communities of Puget Sound clean, safe and healthy. Ronni Gilboa
Senior Services is the best! They give all orientation for the older adult that don't know where can ask for some support and/or what need to do when they have some kind of issue. Good job SS!
Please grant Country Doctor these much needed funds! Its mission is to provide medical care to anyone, but most notably to those many, many people, and the list is growing each day, who do not have funds to get health care access through insurance or other third party payers. All the contenders for the Strangercrombie funds are so deserving. But health care is such a basic service needed by all citizens. Please help Country Doctor to continue serving our community's most needy population.
All of these orgs are facing significant cuts! I am just so happy that we all have such wonderful supporters! From Senior Services to Rise N Shine, if only we could lobby the city and county to support human services in this manner!
Senior Services provides a wonderful safety net for seniors throughout King County. Food, financial, legal, health, all sorts of services, all with TLC that they wouldn't otherwise receive. ls
It must be the Country Doctor, they are amazing.

Robby Leviton
Banchero does so much good work with very little funding. This donation would go a long way with this great organization. Please vote for Banchero.
My vote goes to Country Doctor who have given really great service to the community.
I vote Banchero, they are true servants & will make sure every penny is spent in most effectively.
Internet poll strikes again.
My vote also goes to the Country Doctors Clinic
I'LL love Country Doctors for all the great service given to all of the uninsured patients specially the low income, seniors, immigrants, homeless and youth.
They really will know have to use the funds if they get it.
Please keep vote for this wonderful clinic and their staff.

Country Doctors rocks!!!!


It must be Country Doctor, the safety net provider for the underserved population in Seattle. They have been providing high quality, caring, culturally primary health care regardless of patient ability to pay.

This is my positive experienced as patient of Country Doctor. They are there when you them the most.
Country Doctor, is under-appreciated resource that serves the indigent, the homeless, the young, the elderly, the unemployed and the uninsured, and has been doing so for 38 years!

Moreover, they will be losing nearly $1 million in public funding next year, making their need for support that much greater!



I'm sorry, but I think the way you're doing this is crap. You're making non-profits compete against each other to see who has the biggest network. It has nothing to do with who is providing a better service and everything to do with who has more names in their Outlook contacts.

Why don't you do what every responsible donor does when making a grant? Come out and see the places, find out about the services, meet the people involved, and find out exactly what they'd do with 50K. Profile the staff and clients in the paper, and let us know who you want to support and why. People bidding on Strangercrombie like your writers and have a reasonable amount of faith in your judgments. You're journalists for Pete's sake. Do the legwork.
Banchero is great! They serve a crucial role in our society, and they do so with passion, energy, and great efficiency. Think about the last time you tossed around the word "retarded" casually, and then VOTE BANCHERO!
Country Doctor! They do a wonderful job!
In response to people backing the "losing" charities:

I think they'll all win with the greater visibility.
Please, donate directly to the charity of your choosing. You can do a lot more than just place a vote on a blog!
while i voted for country doctor (i might've been the first person to suggest it when yall were soliciting charities to put in the running the other day, then again maybe i wasn't) i think the suggestion to split the proceeds is a good one. obviously there are a top 3 that emerged from this poll - so how about splitting the proceeds 3 ways???

maybe time for a new poll about that idea?
#82 is spot on and I call shenanigans on this poll. For one thing it seems to be receiving a large amount of votes right now, like a thousand in the last hour or so if my memory serves me correctly. Judging by the extreme difference in results between yesterday and today, and the large number of recent anonymous comments, it's pretty obvious this has turned into a game of who *cough*Banchero*cough*Senior Services*cough* can send the most people from their website/email lists to stuff the ballot. See: Internet Polls Are Bullshit.
Urban Rest Stop. Clean and Fresh Smelling is worth every penny to the dignity of persons.

Paul Pauper, Curator
Form/Space Atelier
#88, it is true that I found out about this from a friend's FB page. I don't see anywhere where it says that you couldn't tell friends about it. But each person still can only vote once (unless they run around to different computers?) and still has to take the time to go do it. The people who have the money, for whatever reason, have decided this is the way to decide whom to give it to. One might hope for a better way, but that's how it is. Even more so, one might hope that ALL these worthy charities could be funded at the levels they need to be. Maybe someday.
What I'm seeing right now is that it is past noon on Thursday when the msg SAYS the poll will close, and the number of votes continues to increase.
What happened to closing the polls at noon?!
Since this was hacked by really really old people, can we get one without the cheaters at the old person place?
Many of us didn't learn about the poll until yesterday. I am on the board of Banchero Friends Services. My friends and family know that it is a great organization that plays a vital role in our community. They know I wouldn't spend hours upon hours of my time supporting an organization that isn't in need of support. That is why I asked them to vote. That is why they voted. Say what you will about internet polls, like a caucus, this is grass-roots democracy at work.

JJ Abodeely
Treasurer, Banchero Friends Services
vote count still going up? 12:45pm
Jeez Senior Services. What gives? After 1pm and the votes are still rising?
This is Childhaven's 100th year of service to King County's vulnerable children and families! The organization seeks to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect in early's a great resource for our community!
For those of you unfamiliar with Childhaven, it's a great organization that offers therapeutic intervention for children (newborn to age 5) from abused and neglected families. By intervening in their lives at such a young age, Childhaven (and you, indirectly) can dramatically change their life paths.
I voted for Childhaven last night for the reasons @97 and @98 cited. Sad it's going to lose.
Voting for just one support need within our community most deserving services is tough.

Though Banchero has my vote after reading the Bio’s of all the need groups.
Country Doctors & Senior Services have a vast volunteer pool and many contributing donors. Urban Rest Stop could really use the publics support with it’s wish list and volunteer needs. Banchero is the most venerable by far from the info I could gather.

Yes, Banchero is one of the smaller needs in this charitable pool but they are the most venerable in my eyes due to State funding cuts which severely took a toll on this organization main operational funding source. This organization draws community support from a smaller donation pool, and very few volunteers offer time to assisting or donating to this cause.

Banchero provides 24hour support services to individuals with developmental disabilities. This unique and caring organization not only provides daily living services but also education and advocacy education so each client with disabilities has the opportunity to learn how to be more productive within their communities, work and or contribute to our society as a whole.

A special lady I know works tirelessly for clients of Banchero, has had to take a pay cut, has added responsibilities and hours since the state funding was slashed, and is proud to continue to work in this low paying field by way of taking on a second job to pay her rent. The organization and staff are taxed and still they continue 24/7 care for our societies most venerable citizens the disabled.

Good luck to all the need groups in the run off within this auction –
Senior Services should receive the funds as they provide essential services to our growing population.

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