Overheard: "Hey hey, ho ho, Barack Obama has got to go" ad nauseam. Sounds like that may have been what they were chanting the sort of thing they were chanting in DC too.

UPDATE: I don't mean to say they were chanting that in DC. All I mean is that, according to that article, people fighting the good fight in DC are still very unhappy with the president. But they were chanting it here—at least several people were, a group toward the back—which is incomprehensible to me. Argue if you must (and I know you will, Savage), but Obama's speech last night was full of good news. (Maybe they were shouting "Barack Obama has got to know"? "Barack Obama is going too slow"? Or something? I don't think so. But if someone was there and I'm wrong I'm happy to correct the record.)

SERIOUSLY: Can someone who was marching at the back let me know what was being chanted, so I can clear this up? "Hey hey, ho ho, Barack Obama [something something something—that sounds like/rhymes with 'got to go']."

ANYONE? Meanwhile, I'll admit: It was snotty to call attention to one dumb chant and not mention all the other chants whose messages I wholeheartedly agreed with. I'm just not wholeheartedly with chanting; that's my problem. There are other ways of getting a message out, as a visit to, say, any one of Mike McGinn's three nightly phone-banking meet-ups proves. (There were 39 people making calls in the downtown office alone for two and a half hours tonight, and they do this five nights a week.) In contrast, people meandering down the street shouting things out into the open air in a neighborhood where everyone already agrees with them seems useless and cattle-ish and not the best use of everyone's time, especially when people could be, say, phone-banking for Ref-71 (lots of marchers had Ref-71 signs in hand, at least). That is just my dumb opinion, but I'm not the only one who feels this way.