There's a new ad playing on local radio that encourages voters to reject Referendum 71. Two women are having a coffee-talk chat about the November ballot measure. They agree: The legislature's gone astray by passing a bill to give rights to gay couples instead of helping wholesome families in a bad economy. “The bill they passed expands the rights of same-sex partners to be equal to married couples,” says one of the characters. “How does that help people who are losing their home?”

The ad has a decidedly more mainstream message than the “God’s Mandate” TV commercial run by the Christian fanatics at Protect Marriage Washington. This ad was paid for by the group called Vote Reject R-71, a new PAC I wrote about on Friday, which is run by a Republican strategist. The group hasn’t reported any contributions yet, but they plan to raise big money—and must have already raised enough dough to run this ad.