well, he IS going to be the next mayor. to my chagrin. he has way more signs up.
He seems neither agitated nor smug.
@2 Are you serious?
@2, I agree. After your promo, I had high hopes for at least a grumpy scowl, but he seems perfectly polite and friendly.
Maybe not "agitated" more like irritated, not to mention the joke about being the next mayor was a little smug
That's strange, if he's going to be our mayor, then why did all the 3 and 4 voters get endorsements from the Dem LDs on our doorsteps this weekend for Mike McGinn ... unless Seattle just turned into a different city ...
Just finished listening to the full two videos. Why is it McGinn is the guy from New York, but Mallahan is the one that sounds like a Broadway huckster?
After watching each outtake, both seemed annoyed at being told what to do. Mallahan because he couldn't get an extra take and McGinn because someone told him to stop rocking back and forth. Two guys used to getting what they want and being told they can't have it. Seems reasonable, and I'll bet qualities in most of our politicians.
Damn, I thought this was good be something really smug. Joe just seems like he's joking around, making sure he has a good take for the voter pamphlet. Nothing horrible hear. More empty reporting.

Mallahan still has my vote.
@9: AHA! someone willing to publicly declare their intention to vote for Mallahan.

my question (and this is sincere) is: WHY? in what way is he a better choice than McGinn?
why must the stranger/slog try and make mallahan (who i do not fancy) out to be smug with this video? not even close and worse yet, it would be like someone pointing out that mcGinn looks frumpy and not-so-put together most of the time - - which he is.

if anything, he appears confident in saying his "i'm going to be your next mayor" which is an attribute i like.
When you bold something it makes it true.
@11 you're totally a bottom aren't you?
I think the Stranger is secretly excited about Mallahan's prospects, if only because it will give them another four years of stone-throwing fodder.
McGinn's outtake video shows him being nervous and sipping out of a red plastic cup. Boozy and adorable. For this he wins my vote.
Oh, Jon Stewart. How stale it is when bloggers steal your overused, 2nd-person shtick.
Sorry Will, the 37th provided a dual endorsement. The guide they included has "Joe Mallahan OR Mike McGinn". Further, not only did the Mallahan campaign successfully place his name in front of McGinn's, they managed to get his campaign literature into the packet that was dropped off. McGinn's campaign? Not so much.

@10: It's the obstructionism in the face of a eight year compromise regarding the AWV stupid. The surface notion is a non-starter.

@17 - I didn't say sole endorsement. I said endorsed by all districts. If I have 25 pebbles and 20 cups to put them in, there is not a 1:1 correspondence. Some of the cups may have more than 1 pebble.
@17: There was no compromise, they went over the heads of the stakeholders. More than that, Gregoire LIED to Seattle and Mallahan has no clue what the tunnel entails and spends far more time discussing it than McGinn ever did.

Unless "compromise" is code for "poorly planned and executed gimme for large fundraisers".
@17 This isn't an 8 year compromise, it's a backroom deal after WSDOT recommended the I-5 transit plan.
Come on folks, be fair. The outtake videos of both were actually pretty compelling compared to their campaign personas. Probably the most telling of anyI have seen to date. Mallahan is a goofy debutant, and McGinn is an overly controlling trial attorney, but you do get a sense of both their personalities.

What a rip! You promise me peevishness, I want peevishness. All I saw was a suit looking a little tightly wound but behaving courteously toward the people filming it. The "next mayor" line seemed like just a gag.

It was interesting to look at the finished video voter's thingies. In his outtake McGinn said (in his normal voice) that he'd try to get a little more warmth into his story for the next take. And boy howdy - the voice he finds for the final version is like a glass of warm milk wrapped in a favorite old sweater.

Mallahan's final gives us his let's-do-this voice, not much honey. Hilarious hand gestures. The issues range wide, positioning himself as a big-issues big-city fellow.

It's still a race to see who will end up seeming less hapless by the time ballots go out. Good luck, fellas.
he is neither agitated nor smug. I get that you guys are in the bag for McGinn,but you can do better than this. This is the kind of reporting I came to expect from ECB.
In this episode of Grasping at Straws the Stranger gleens the floor sweepings collected by others and feeds the bias of chirping political birds.
@17 You guys are amazing. Call up the 37th and they'll tell you that Mallahan lit did NOT go out - they only provided a tiny bit. So, the Joe strategy is to take every failure and just lie about it?
@18 Thanks for the clarification. Guess I was expecting you to paint a complete picture when touting endorsements, since you're a paid journalist and all now. But based on your prior writings, I guess I can understand the omission.

@19 & @20 Cry me a river. Watch the big mo, here it goes. Perhaps I should have said consensus rather than compromise. Took long enough. Personally, I think it will be cool, and I'm glad there won't be any downtown exits. If you are headed downtown to someplace where an AWV might have had an exit in some alternate universe, and aren't using transit, you deserve to get caught in traffic with the rest of the shlubs.

@26 I basing this on what I found on my doorstep, all together in a bag, with the 37th endorse list and the rest of the packet. Guess I must be top of the stack. And what do you mean by "You guys"? I'm not part of any conspriacy, not much of a donor or volunteer, just some one who reads and votes.
Far from local, so I don't know him from Adam. But smug and agitated?? Really? Sounds like someone is passing his bias
Why can't we have a third choice for mayor? both of these clowns are going to really screw up the city and are pretty much doomed to be a one term mayor: assuming they survive any recall efforts. And I am pretty sure if it's allowed we will see that started sometime in the late summer early fall of 2010.
Jesus Tapdancing Christ. I'm not president of the Mallahan Club, but he's clearly joking around. I've seen much, much worse --- interestingly, from Susan Hutchison. Every time I've run into her in person or see her interact, she's a bitch.
I'm voting for Mallahan. It is a pitty too as I really like Mike McGinn and think he could do a pretty good job as mayor. He just happens to be on the absolute wrong side of the only issue that matters to me (and most voters in this election).
Seems like you're reaching on this one, guys. I think he's joking and it's harmless. It actually makes him more approachable, to me.
McGinn comes off looking far worse in these clips. A controlling man afraid of the black box... isn't that what a ballot box is?
Mr. Mallahan looked neither agitated nor smug.
whole lot of nothing in that video

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