From the Seattle Times's terrifying endorsement of Susan Hutchison:

KING County is a government in trouble. It is being swamped by the recession, a string of unsustainable budgets, a faulty dam and a larger outbreak of H1N1 flu. These are all real and immediate problems that demand decisive action.

This election must be about change.

Some of these problems, particularly the budget, cry out for fresh leadership atop county government. Susan Hutchison is a political outsider and brings a host of fresh ideas of how to tackle the budget. Because of this potential, she earns the endorsement of The Seattle Times.

From The Stranger's endorsement of Dow Constantine:

Dow Constantine's opponent, Susan Hutchison, is a political lightweight, a partisan extremist, a shitty fit for the most liberal county in the state, and a blow-dried, brain-dead, lying, hypocritical, and cowardly piece of shit. Oh, and she's a closet Republican, too. You have to be a self-defeating idiot—or a right-wing douchebag, which is basically the same thing—to want her as county executive.