Seriously, in report after report, this confrontation has not been arranged in this way: management's ruthlessness and labor's bravery; but in this way: labor's foolishness and management's reasonableness.

Discussions between the Machinists union and Boeing over the second 787 production line for Everett are effectively dead, according to a person familiar with the negotiations.

Boeing now appears close to choosing Charleston, S.C., as the location of the second line. The person close to the negotiations said an announcement could come within days.

Boeing management has turned down further talks over the potential 10-year no-strike agreement the company had sought, the person said.

"The union wants to continue talking," said this source, who is not aligned with the union. "The Boeing Co. does not want to talk any further.

"The company is fairly close to being done, if not done already," the person said.

The person close to the talks between the union and the company said hope is fading fast for Washington state.

"The sun is certainly setting," he said.

This is the oldest game in the neoliberal order. Discipline the workers, remove the teeth from labor, and relocate production to poorer places. There is nothing new going on here.