The SECB caught up with State Sen. Ed Murray at a restaurant a few blocks from the Approve R-71 party. Murray plans to go over to the party around 9 PM. "Right now I can't decide whether to eat my dinner or throw up," said Murray when he was asked how he was doing. "That's how I'm doing." The SECB pointed out that Ed wouldn't have anything to throw up if he didn't eat, so he might as well tuck in. But first we asked him three questions:

Any predictions?

"I still feel positive, I'm a little worried about voter turnout. I don't know if it's improved."

Worst case?

"What we said three years ago was that we were going to take this step-by-step and have a conversation with the citizens of this state about same-sex couples and our rights. If we lose tonight, if voters reject R-71, that tells us we have a lot more to do, a lot more work to do. It will be setback, but the end. Three years ago when we passed the first domestic partnership bill—which will not be repealed tonight, even if we lose—we crossed a rubicon. There's no going back."

And if we win?

"People ask me all the time when the legislature is going to do full marriage equality. My response is that we'll get marriage when we do the work. We have a lot more work to do. We have to build a truly statewide organization. We need to have the money in the bank upfront. The ability to achieve marriage equality really rests in the hands of the average gay or lesbian person who lives in the state of Washington. How hard is each of us willing to work? How much is each of us willing to give?"