They're trying to get him killed—they're praying for his death.

For the record: those of us who've criticized the president from the left—because he's not delivering the change he promised—are the same people out there condemning the assholes who are trying to get the president killed. I've been a prominent critic of the president for his inaction on his promises to the gay community—as has Rachel Maddow—and here I am months ago on Countdown calling out the haters on the religious right. We can do both: hold the president accountable, express our displeasure and impatience in reasoned and reasonable ways, while condemning and marginalizing the haters on the right. We can't let the worst people in the world get away with threatening the life of the president—where's the Secret Service?—and allow their threats to hold us and our politics hostage too. That's what they want.

And remember, kids: there is no morality without religion.