Joseph Backholm runs the Family Policy Institute of Washington, which is the state affiliate of James Dobson's Focus on the Family. Backholm's group poured over $200,000 into the reject R-71 campaign; Dobson's national organization spent over $90,000. They lost. But Backholm is obsessed with gay people more than ever. Here's his latest video—posted on November 19—about how religious extremists can pass anti-gay laws based solely on what they read in their little book, while still maintaining a separation of church and state.

Basically, banning gay marriage to appease religious extremists isn't a merger of church and state because lots of laws banning stuff were first decreed sins in religious texts. Killing? Theft? Incest? All illegal. And all condemned by the bible. Gay marriage? Mr. God also fives it a frowny face. "No one wants to repeal the criminal code," Backholm says. So, of course, gay marriage should be criminal. We could ban the consumption of pork because there's an old book that says it's totally bad. Red Lobster must be prohibited to save our families! In other words, church and state will always be separate—no matter what insane religious passage is codified into law—because they've always been the same. Uh huh.

Thanks for the video, Lurleen.