Twitter sure has revolutionized redirecting and wasting police resources
ha no he doesn't. but he isn't where they're looking yet
Seems to me, that a criminal who was accused of child rape, which would be his THIRD strike and mean a LIFE sentence, would NOT be released on bail.

Typical bleeding heart judges.

Thomas J. Felnagle, Judge. 253-798-3966

Makes you wonder.
@3 What on Earth are you talking about?

You have NO IDEA about anything in this case. For all you know, the prosecution requested 150K bail. You're trying to drum up hate and discontent with some judges without any foundation whatsoever. Stay classy.
"Multiple news sources" means not the Stranger's reporters ...2 block radius only extends so far, huh?

Y'know, in all of this rush to arrest this guy (which I fully support), let's remember he might be innocent on all charges. I could think of extenuating circumstances that would make him look guilty as hell, but we won't know for certain until the dust starts to settle. The police can't say much about what their evidence is, and DNA evidence will probably seal it up. But if that actually clears him, and the police have shot and harried an innocent man... Holy shit, y'all. As much as this has seemed like a bad action movie plot so far, that shit would not surprise me in the least.
@3 Would you call Mike Huckabee a 'typical bleeding heart' governor? Or are you, in typical conservative revisionist fashion, going to justify his pardon as being in the spirit of justice?
By state law, everyone who has not been accused of a capitol crime is entitled to bail.

But if you want to contact Mike Huckabee and ask him why he pardoned this person, he can be reached at…

@4: they did request 150K. you post 10% bond, or 15K, then you're on the hook for the 150K if you skip town like polanski.
Jacko, this 150K is smittance compared to the millions that Mezvinsky, Clinton-in-law, fucked with. Sort of sorry to be off-topic, but terribly sorry I've wasted time on Dominic's blog, the guy who writes that it's a special occasion being wasted, dope presumably, dude. You guys are fucknuts, me too. BYE
@9 Actually it appears as though they requested 300K and the judge granted 150K...

However, it also appears that he was being held on no bail because Arkansas issued a no-bail warrant for probation violations. Then out of nowhere the bleeding heart capital of the USA, Arkansas, revoked the no-bail warrant for no discernible reason and that's how he was able to post the 15K to a bail bondsman and be out.

Bleeding heart Arkansas managed to hose this situation on both ends.
Dude, it's almost like he's got somebody else's Blackberry or iPhone ...

Huckabee for the cop-killing epic fail.
oh and loved seeing the PI reporter on PBS Newshour reporting on this ... good to see a local "paper" get the major media instead of that rag from the suburbs.
The police just warned that anyone helping Clemmons could be charged with aiding a fugitive. Um. How about the prosecutor coming out saying that he WILL charge anyone with accessory after the fact to multiple counts of first degree murder. These family members helping should be facing 20 years for doing it.
I just want to commend this lady on her remarkable understanding of the issue:…
That made absolutely no sense - but thanks for playing.
Sorry to burst your bubble Will, but the Times owned this story from the start. The rest have been linking to and playing catch up with them from the get go.

You can go back to being a professional Slog commenter now.
@17 - lol, you know you hate it when the PI gets the national attention and KIRO gets the CNN breaking news nod.

Try reporting on local news in Seattle if you want respect.

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