Veklempt? Ideal org? Money money money - cough it up, suckers.
Fucking whack.
So, we'll be able to go in these ideal org buildings, and see some PANELS, and some REALLY SHORT VIDEOS? Count me in!

You can "proudly be married in" one of these places. What's Scientology's position on gay marriage?
I would fuck most of those chicks.
Though I did hear them say at the end that if this "crusade" doesn't work, Scientology will "succumb" and fail. So, uh, get on it, guys.
Everything I need to know about Scientology I learned on South Park. Fuck your panels, crazies.
"boom it?"
Uhhh....."islands of sanity".....right.
Yes, I want to boom my ideal org on all the com lines because the psychs are out there and they have a lot of money backing them up. Let’s clear this planet! Who’s' with me?

(Be honest. Is my tin foil helmet on straight?)

Ugh, the soft focus, slow pans, and quick zooms are as bad as the verbal content.

When did Nancy Cartwright get old?
Oh, SLOG, you are SO going to get in trouble for posting that in a mocking way. I hear the footsteps of lawyers and process servers stomping up your stairs right now.
This is not shocking, not abnormal, and not new.

Sounds like every Christian I've talked with. Being religious and being crazy are synonymous except that religious craziness is tolerated.

Also sounds a lot like those with a cause. Whether it's the environment, terrorism, global capitalism, etc. It is the dialogue of the BELIEVERS.

You are believer too, just in something different but equally crazy (ok, maybe not equally crazy, that video is wacky wack wacko).
i'd do the guy with the thick eyebrows.
How does Scientology attract so many followers if it's this boring? That video was mind-numbing.
@14: totally, just change out a couple words, it sounds exactly like evangelical christianity
Ideal orbs? Aren't they round? Ideally?
Nancy's sister was a very active member of my Unitarian church when I was a kid, and while Nancy was great to her sister's kids, she was convinced that her sister was going to hell (or the CS equivalent). Thus why Lisa is obviously the superior Simpson.
@6, I don't think you understand. It's not Scientology that will succumb and fail, it's the world. You want to give Xenu that kind of ultimate victory?
Also, I don't think I've seen the "random sudden fractional zoom" technique before. Really effective stuff. I wonder if it has limits, or can you keep doing it till you just have a pupil or uvula in the frame?
Thank Jebus or whatever that they zoomed in a little to get the guy in grey's manboobies out of the shot.

What's all the hubbub about "Orcs"? I thought they all got destroyed with the "One Ring."

Is that the gay guy from Frasier?

And they say us gays have an agenda.
All your thetans are belong to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Nom nom nom.
I know it's fairly common for adult women to do voice roles for boys, but it creeps me the fuck out. I'd love to see Bart written out of The Simpsons, the show needs to give more time back to the supporting characters that made it so great to begin with.
Does this body thetan make me look fat?
@22 - I don't think that's Dan Butler, aka, the gay guy from Frasier.

The redhead in the blue sweater is Lynsey Bartilson, who was in a show called "Grounded for Life".
Why are some people such followers that they give away all their common sense?
@ 27 - I know, you can't even get a tax break for that!
@20, yes. Yes, I do.
@ 16 - They don't. It's estimated that there are only about 20,000 serious Scientologists worldwide. They like to inflate their numbers, saying there are MILLIONS of Scientologists worldwide. They count everyone who's ever taken any Scientology course as a Scientologist.
@ 14 - the COS sounds very different than mainstream religions. a christian, muslim, buddhist, etc., will tell all about what they believe, what their religious tenets and doctrines are. COS doesn't tell anyone anything unless they get the cash first.
OMG 5:35-5:45!!! It's Logan from "Veronica Mars"!! (Jason Dohring). I feel awful.
The guy with the eyebrows is HOOOOOOOTTTTT (with the sound turned off).
@ 25 - Is that a body thetan in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?
Judging from the kind of Amazing! Spaces! their indoctrination centers tend to be in now, they've got a ways to go. I don't think they're very likely to take over the world from that old place on Aurora. I know these Hollywoods are rich, but high-end retail rent is expensive.
@34: My wiener just exploded like a nuked volcano. You do such amazing things to me, baby...
"The guy with the eyebrows is HOOOOOOOTTTTT."

His name's Tommy Savas. He's a New York actor in the comedy trope Reckless Tortuga.…

The brunette is, I think, the B-movie fixture Denise Duff. I know the Church attracts a lot of actors, but their presence really just adds to the unreal shill quality of it all.
The stand of the CoS is that gay marriage is bad. 1.1 on the tone scale, and called sexual perversion.…

The stance the cult took on Prop 8 in California caused director, Paul Haggis, to leave.

What is about people of faith (any) that compels them to "spread the word"?

W T F are they talking about?
ha, I love that when the "Church" of Scientology does anything that EVERY OTHER RELIGION does, everyone reacts with: "omg, those people are so strange and weiiiirrrdd!"
They are talking about bringing people into their Ideal Orgs and trying to suck all of the money out of you with "courses".

Now it's pretty ridiculous with how they get into how they get their Ideal Orgs, especially since Seattle obtained theirs back in 2005. They haven't done crap with it and the place looks like a dump. Hell, their regular Org doesn't look all that great.
Which religions have successfully infiltrated the US Government? Only one that I've heard. Scientology.

Google "Operation Snow White".

That mission that was given to Scientologists was the purge unfavorable reports about Scientology and the cult's founder. The US government was the largest target for this. After our government uncovered this plot, they discovered that Scientology used the practice that they call Fair Game on Paulette Cooper. For information on that, google "Operation Freakout".

Eleven highly placed executives pled guilty or were convicted in federal court. One of those people was the wife of the cult leader.

There's so much more information about this cult and all it takes is for people to become informed about it.
@32: Goddamn it! You just broke my Logan-loving heart. I had to look. What would Veronica Mars do, Logan? NOT THIS.
Why is it that gay people are always subjected to prejudice, bigotry and slander by every half-baked, looney, wing-nut endorsed religion that comes down the pike. Including this one.
I listened to the whole thing, and I thought they were talking about an ideal borg. One that every child in every city could come to. I guess I didn't pay attention very well.
crusade has kinda bad the slaughter of non-christians... i don't see why they'd wanna associate themselves with that...but then again i don't understand them at all.

and the weird side panning thing made me feel like they were just gonna slide right off the screen.

and i've been in lots of churches and "just walking though the doors" in no way converted me. even if they had pretty pictures on the wall....
@43 I think the evangelicals have pretty well infiltrated Congress and the military.
Are you aware that a lot of Scientologists have pilot's licenses?
Can't wait to see the Anon responses!
@35, when I lived in Minneapolis, Scientology had a pretty high-rent looking place on Nicollet Mall, a couple blocks down from Sak's, Nieman Marcus, Marshall Field's, etc.

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