If you thought Pony was too packed before...
Little sparkles of goodness follow wherever Marcus goes...I hope they do this.

And what are you talking about, BC? The only thing packed at Pony is your lithe little corgi butt.
So the city's got money to do pointless decor like this in Capitol Hill, but fuck-all for anyone in Pioneer Square. This is what I'm talking about. Does Pony really need planters?
@3: Yes. The more peanuts, the better life is.

Shut up.
@4, I will never understand the Gay Lifestyle.
1. Yes, we need to make the public spaces we own, nicer.

2. we also need to make the develoeprs provide more setbacks so we can do stuff like this on their land, too.

3. If we don't, desntiy threatens to create dark depressing canyons everywhere. Believe me, Third Ave. downtown isn't any kind of pedestrian haven but a windy depressing canyon....few sidewalk cafes could locate there if any.

4. Also, props to including some parking, too, you NEED some parking not only as a barrier but also because that segment adds people walking around and adds vibrancy too.

where you have zero parking, the business can die, as in the book store in pioneer square.

@3 - nobody cares about Pioneer Square. It's too far from the light rail stations and it's mostly just for the out of towners anyway.
I think book stores might want people who can read good too, @6.
@6, you're wrong about sidewalk cafes. Some of the best sidewalk cafes anywhere are in ridiculously cramped spaces. It's a fallacy that wide open spaces create urban pleasures; it's usually the opposite.

Melbourne, for example, is PACKED with sidewalk cafes in their little laneways that are the size of downtown's alleys. Downtown's alleys (and Capitol Hill's) could be easily converted to shops and cafes if anyone in the city had a clue about urbanism.
Maybe more neighborhoods should put gay bars in.
Marcus should get a Genius award.
I say, give Pioneer Square back to the vagrants, the brawlers, and the bordellos - just like our City Fathers first envisioned it. Heck, it's already got plenty of the first two, and I'm sure there are some of the latter if one knows where to look, so it's already well on its way to reclaiming its original title as "skid road" anyway.
@9 the problem is one of shop design not sidewalk space. Some of the best sidewalk cafe's in paris have a single small row of tables actually on the sidewalk, but then another row inside, and then risers that feel like they extend the sidewalk into the cafe by a couple more rows. The point is to be able to see and be seen, not to be on the sidewalk per se.
Madison is a pedstrian barrier. Most of it's crossings are long multi-street affairs because of the angled intersections. If the city wanted to promote pedstrian traffic they'd dead-end every other EW street crossing it. E.g. you could enter Madison at Pike, but not cross it, then exit it at Union, but not enter it there etc.
It's too frickin dark in Pioneer Square. It used to be lighter, but hasn't been for a while now.
is Pony getting a deck out of this? there's room.
1)When is Fnarf moving to Pioneer Square? And, isn't it funny how Fnarf and Will seem to be in a competition to be most disliked? One month Will is leading the competition then Fnarf starts mouth foaming and retakes the lead.

2)That intersection is a deathtrap and an ugly one at that...when you're driving down Union and you get to that point, it's confusing as fuck...and the funds allocated to this project doesn't have anything to do with Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square needs policing, and maybe some zoning changes...but the rest of the area's woes can be laid at the feet of the developers and property owners in the area. The city DOES need to push the property owners to work together with business owners to develop a sound strategy for an area that is a huge waste and a major disappointment.
@13 that's a great idea--the car traffic is really goofy around the 6-way Madison/Union/12th intersection, it probably needs to be routed more intelligently to stop the triangles from feeling like traffic islands. This could be combined, though, with better pedestrian pathways.

Also, this DOT project will generate percent-for-art funds. What does the Slog hive-mind suggest?
@16, I am beloved by millions. Including you. Come on, admit it.
That is an awful location. Its across the street from the halfway house where that guy who stabbed and killed Shannon Harps lived. I get the creeps walking by there, much less hanging out in a park. And there aren't any amenities close enough to enjoy. And isn't Pony temporary anyway? They don't get deliveries from a beer truck? I don't get it.
@16 You can't follow a simple sign telling you to make a right and then make a left at the light?

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