Fucking RAD.
God, Minnesota is so lucky.
Mr. Franken has landed.
Franken/Grayson in 2012?
Al Franken makes me very proud to live in Minnesota. Michele Bachman makes me deeply ashamed to live in Minnesota. What can you do?
He's amazing. More humans in Congress.
Great job. People can have their own opinions, but facts are facts. Unfortunately, some present their opinion as fact and the uneducated (on a particular subject) or gullible want to accept opinion as fact. And, it's darn frustrating no matter the subject.
I am so glad Al's mine!
The Republicans think they're Evangelical preachers.
@4 I'd jerk to that.
Can we clone Al Franken?
What a mensch!
Sherrod Brown is his new Tom Davis! Very cool.
thune did what he needed to do: give FOXNEWS a soundbite to scare the lumpenproles with.

franken's accurate, biting sarcasm only gets heard by the few who seek it out or watch kieth & rachel.

they don't care about the facts because there are no consequences for LYING in the GOP - not even about whoring and adultery. all that matters is propaganda.
I find myself very torn about Al Franken. While I think he's going to be a fantastic senator and will probably be in the Senate as long as he likes, that means he won't be writing any more books! Or, his output will be greatly diminished at least, since he's actually working while in the Senate, unlike so many that gain the office.
I love living in Minnesota. I loved voting in Franken. I loved that video. Thanks Dan!
I'm very much in favor of health care reform and can tolerate the current monstrosity that's in the Senate.

Thune's main problem was that he spoke in absolute and overbroad terms, which he then tried to back down on (changing from "benefits" to "spending," because there are benefits to the bill that do not hinge entirely on government spending, e.g. bar on refusing insurance due to pre-existing conditions, and those will kick in immediately).

But Thune is substantively correct: if you look at the CBO's analysis from Nov. 18, on page 5 there is a chart that shows outlays by the government, and for 2010 they're pretty small. It's $8 billion in the category of "other."
My god (who I do not believe in) am I impressed with Al Franken.
Al rocks! So does Sharrod Brown - the dude I voted for.

If you're disappointed with the Dems, don't think that boycotting an election will help anything. It's sitting out elections that got all those asswipe repugnicans in office in the first place.

If there's one thing Bush did that was positive, it was that the public woke up and started paying attention to what their govt and their govt representativese are doing.

Don't stop paying attention! Get more Als and more Sharrods into office in 2010!

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