That's a odd sentence construction. Effectively, you wrote "X alleges that Y allegedly murdered Z". Since you are reporting the allegation, isn't it objective and non-libelous to write "X alleges that Y murdered Z"? Or does The Stranger's legal department insist that you insert "allegedly" in front of every verb naming a crime, regardless of the context?
Shut up David
How totally sad. To kill a baby at close range. Many shots, so angry, so disgusting. And the mother guilty of nothing except her biology.

Sad. And premeditated. Hang the son of a bitch. (use Westlake Plaza)

#1 - have a few more drinks and get into bed and stay there for a couple of days. Stupid comments when reading about a horrid murder. Get a clue you silly nitwit fuckhead.
Thats majorly fucked up...
Good reporting, Dom. Can't even be bothered enough with this case to provide a summary of the court docs.
@5: the part of the document describing what happened is 3 pages long. Are you really so lazy as to whine about it instead of just reading a bit?

I was delighted to read the arresting docs .... for the first time in my long life as an avid reader of news.

Good job guys ... simple and to the point. The will plenty of time to report things less well stated than the arrest warrant.

Some peolple are career whiners ... mired in negive space.

Merry to ALL - get some fun time in. You need it.

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