So, now that Seattle Center is neither Fun nor Forested, managers are looking for suggestions on how to fill the newly desolate concrete space until their "Master Plan" is implemented in the future. AHEM. Some suggestions:

Center for Bear Hair Loss Recovery.


• Elliott Bay Book Co.

• A LESS FUN forest made entirely out of discarded drafts of health care bills.

• Leave it vacant and devoid of all life forms, then dub the space, "Flight to Mars."

• Paul Allen museum containing memorabilia from every one of Paul Allen's 897 multi-million dollar passing-fixations.

The next Gay Ghetto.

• Knoxywood! Miniature theme park centered around Seattle's sexiest convicted murderess, Amanda Knox. Complete with hash bar, do-it-yourself DNA testing kits, and Italian paparazzi!

• A Starbucks within a Starbucks within a Starbucks. Think about it.

• Bad Public Sculpture. Oh. Wait.

You're welcome.