It's not an argument being made by supporters of marriage equality. Opponents of marriage equality are arguing that a family headed by two women is "substantially indistinguishable" from one headed by a man and woman... but only when you're talking about logos.

The Courage Campaign responded this morning to a cease and desist letter delivered earlier in the week by lawyers for and announced it will refuse to remove a logo on their Prop 8 Trial Tracker website that parodies the logo. In a letter to, Courage Campaign legal counsel Nathan Sabri of Morrison Forester explained why the cease and desist letter had no merit. "While our client does appreciate the irony of the suggestion in your letter that a logo of a family made up of a man, a woman, and two children is 'substantially indistinguishable' from a logo made up of two women and two children, your assertion is incorrect," Sabri wrote. "This difference between our client's logo and your client's logo is a graphical representation of the core difference between Courage Campaign's views and's views, presented in a sassy way that will not be lost on the public."