This just in from Hot Tipper Nat:

Dear Last Days,

Here is photographic evidence of a disturbing incident that I've seen happen TWICE in the span of a week. The first time was on one of the #70 buses headed downtown from the U District. This disgusting man was leering at this poor girl with his belly hanging out as he was leaning in. Halfway through my trip, he shifted his stance so he was turned toward me and I saw....AAAUGH! He had a large wet spot on the front of his sweatpants that could have only been one of two things. SO GROSS.

A few days later I was riding the same route and this man was on the bus again, wearing the same clothing and doing the same thing to another girl. This time his belly was less them five inches from her face. It was traumatizing for me to see, and I cannot even image what these poor girls felt like. If this bus had gone over a bump, his dick (or cum-stained pants) would have hit their faces. I still can't believe I actually witnessed this....TWICE!!!

Supplementary points of interest: the half-eaten apple in Victim A's lap, the plastic bottle of OJ that Onlooker B seems ready to jam up Stainbelly's butt.