Wow, I need to go get some coffee. At first glance, I thought that article said Gaede married a pole-smoking Icelandic pot vaulter.

Great, even more inbreeding for these dimwits.

lamb and lynx?
of course i had to go look them up on youtube and oh man can they not sing. owww. my ears...

oh, and they're racists.
No hot asian chicks? Good luck with that.
Everyone download Louis Theroux and the Nazi's. Great BBC documentary about this woman, among other white supremacists in America.…
"I have racial contacts throughout the US as well as the world."

Does that mean "I know a lot of white people?"

Beacuse I know lots of white people too! Does that mean ... oh never mind.

Last I was aware, Lamb and Lynx were growing up and away from their crazy racist momma... Seems like there was a documentary around here somewhere...

You know the Nazis actually ran "breeding camps" where superwhite SS members got to frolic with superwhite fraulines NSA. The state would pay for the child's upbringing, presumably in some sort of lifelong military school sort of way. Fortunately the idea died with Nazi Germany. I don't see why this Neo-Nazi chick thinks marriage is called for. If simple reproduction was good enough for Hitler, surely it's good enough for her.

Of course, suicide by gunshot was also good enough for Hitler, and I think she should seriously consider it as well.
It would be fun to test the blood of all WNs and inform them of their mixed heritage!! People have been intermixing long before America was established. Can you imagine their faces when kicked out of their own group? ha ha!
I heard that she kicked the girls out of her home recently, because they wouldn't follow her lead and keep on being good little publicity.magnets, errr children, for her.

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