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you sound like my jewish mother.
I disagree. Black men with tattoo sleeves? AMAZINGLY HOT.
Although it may sound like an offensive joke, branding is sometimes considered an alternative to tattoos for black skin.

I remember first reading about this (and seeing a few examples) in the early 90's. Evidently, it didn't catch on.
What's his grade point average? Does he have one? what classes is he taking? Or should I say, what classes are his tutoring aides taking? Majoring in "Liberal Studies", uh huh. JC transfer from a California community college, couldn't get into the UW? Hmm. I hope he doesn't blow out his knee or otherwise fail in the NBA, 'cause what else is he good for?
I wish he had been able to get into the UW; we need an inside presence as much as fnarf needs to stfu.

Anyways, I think tattoos on Dark skin look awesome. On white skin, they tend to look cartoonish.
@ 3.. you do know that branding and scarification for blacks has been around for ...oh i don't know ...maybe thousands of years...
and in this country black fraternities have been at it for quite some time
@6 I'm somewhat familiar with the history of our species, yes. And I'm accustomed to black fraternities - coming from a region of the country that has far more blacks than Washington.

Are you trying to elucidate me or Charles?
Good lord Charles, it doesn't matter what color your skin is, scribbling on it always looks bad.

Some tats look great, but most people end up looking like a tagged up wall on an abandoned store.
Don't get me started about L'il Wayne.

Barf city.
I sit next to him in one of my classes at Seattle U, and he's a really nice and bright kid. He also seems really modest and never makes a show about being an athlete or heavily tattooed.

So while there may be a sociologically important question to ask about the history and symbolism of (literally) black ink on (socially understood) black skin, you may want to leave this nice kid out of it.
Tagged up walls on abandoned stores are beautiful. Billboards on the skyline, now those are disgusting.
@ 6 - I was seeing those brands on a lot of NFL players' arms this season.. Looked it up on the innernetz and read about the black fraternities.. IMHO, it looks pretty dang cool (although: OUCH).

@ 8 - "Some tats look great, but most people end up looking like a tagged up wall on an abandoned store." Now why did I just think of Amy Winehouse? :/

I blame Rodman.
Rodman looks real good on Celebrity Rehab. He looks like he's had some work on neck done over, so it's just solid black in places now. Which is, uh, interesting. What happens when a black man (or a white man for that matter) tattoos his body solid black?
How come NFL and NBA players go to college instead of coming up through the minor leagues like they do in baseball? What's the point in pretending to take all those classes, anyway? They're not fooling anybody.
@7 Ackham: if the good reverend were trying to elucidate you or Mr. Mudede, he would be trying to clarify your respective statements or selves for others.

When riz responds to your witless remark about scarification failing to "catch on" in black culture, he is attempting to edify you.

When I correct your usage of a word that appears to be above your reading level, I am attempting to embarrass you.

Charles is right.
graffiti is ugly,
especially on the human body.
@15 Because some of us like to learn. The average pro career is 4 to 10 years depending on sport and position. Having a plan for the remaining 40+ years of life is why we go to college.
@16 "When I correct your usage of a word that appears to be above your reading level, I am attempting to embarrass you."

And you have succeeded where he failed. And now I maybe see why he was pissed.
Tattoos used to be sort of cool and edgy - the sort of thing hipsters got to show they are different. Now they are the human body equivalent of Wal-Mart or AOL. When my 63 year old librarian aunt got one, I knew the shark had been jumped.
I agree. It's essentially cliche for a college or pro athelete to sport tatoos. Every time I see an NBA game the majority of players (mostly black) have tatoos. Even a few white players follow suite. It no longer is daring. It would be nice to see an opposite trend start. That is, athletes w/o tatoos. I admire the athlete for his or her (I have noticed not a few female gymnasts have navel piercings/jewelry) athletic prowess not body art.
Except for that dorky "Like father like son" scrawling across his collarbone, he looks pretty hot to me.
@14 They tattoo white ink over the top!! I totally saw this once on an episode of Springer called "opposites attract"
y'all are really unintelligent to even talk shit about people with tattoos....I pray for the day when people quit discriminating against people with ALTERNATIVE style choices
real talk.
your ignorant and arrogant attitudes towards things that aren't a part of your custom saddens me.
People don't always try to impress people by satisfying other peoples opinions.
Tattoos are messages, they are art, they have meaning, and they are permanent.
Tattoos have also been around for thousands of years. I have no idea what age group most of you are here, but if for whatever reason you are older then 28 then your generation is pretty much endangered, The children of the future have came, just as you came when your parents were in charge,
stop worrying about other peoples lifes, and worry about your own.
forever alone you will be.

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