Thank you, Mr. Savage.

I think this study also has only been able to look at these kids two years after the fact; as in an average age of 14, so its true effectiveness on teen pregnancy is not yet determined.
Yeah I heard this on the news yesterday and thought, "that doesn't sound like any abstinence-only education I've known."

It also didn't compare the approach with a comprehensive program, from what I understand.
This is the kind of program I can get behind. I feel like I was one of those success stories. My health teacher gave us medically accurate information about sex- even taught us to put a condom on a banana. A part of that accuracy was acknowledging that the only 100% full-proof way to avoid pregnancy was to not have vaginal sex. So I waited til college. And I knew how to put a condom on my first time.
I suppose the old stoic saw about not needing someone else to scratch an itch is too revolutionary for the contemporary classroom?
Why should it be a surprise that a group of people (evangelicals) who can't even consistently interpret their own holy book are also incapable of correctly interpreting the results of this study?
Leslie Unruh is fucking batshit. Known for her crazy eyes and demonic laughter, she can be found on you tube shouting "we want babies!! we love babies!! more babies!!" (…).
How did that approach even get labeled as "abstinence-only"? Now, 'wait with sex till you feel okay about it', 'be informed and prepared', 'don't get pressured into something you don't want' is nothing else than the liberal, unchristian, enlightened way of sex-ed prevalent in Europe and so demonized by the Christian right. Fucking liars for Christ.
"The religious right's brand of abstinence-only sex ed has lead to a rise in teen pregnancies"

Do you have any Proof?
Didn't think so...

The link you provided said rates are rising among blacks and hispanics- those are Democratic constituencies, Dan, not the religious Right. Take a look around the Big Tent- it's the condom crowd that is driving the statistics up.
I can get behind a program like this too. Unfortunately, though, now that a study has conclusively shown that giving kids correct information is effective I think the authors of the study will see any federal money they receive disappear.

The results of the study can be spun into what evangelicals want to hear, but since the particulars contradict what evangelicals want to believe this study will never receive any government support.
Gee Dan, you didn't even read the article on the CDC study that you linked.
Did you.

It states:
"On abstinence-only strategies: "The task force concludes that there is insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of group-based abstinence education delivered to adolescents to prevent pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases."

"The finding of insufficient evidence [for abstinence-based sex ed] really means that based on the evidence available, the task force COULD NOT COME TO ANY CONCLUSIONS," Randy Elder, PhD, the CDC's scientific director of systematic reviews, tells WebMD. "It is really a big question mark, with the implication being WE NEED MORE RESEARCH in this area before we can make any determination whether this intervention does or doesn’t work."

Lo and Behold, the study in today's article provides that additional research and found that "Sex education classes that focus on encouraging children to remain abstinent can persuade a significant proportion to delay sexual activity".
Is this post Dan's painfully roundabout way of saying he was WRONG about abstinence education?
Medical accuracy is a very key word in all of this. No one is saying that there shouldn't be any sex ed at an appropriate, but there are individuals that urged by certain known lobby groups go beyond what's called for teens to have basic knowledge of their bodies and those of the opposite sex. That's the medically accurate thing that needs to be taught. And not what sexual libertine pressure groups have been doing unchallenged for too long, which is precisely what they accuse people of faith of, proselytize. Proselytize a message that incites teens to behave and make choices that only adults should be doing.

The "increase" among white teens was 0.7 in 1000.

That is a whopping 0.07% increase!

-hold on- I have to sit down- I'm swooning...

That is what folks call a "statistically insignificant" change.

And the "increase" was only over one year, the difference from 2005 to 2006. More recent numbers are not available.

A 0.07% "increase" in one year does not a trend make.

It might be less painful, Dan, to admit you were wrong and STFU before you make a bigger ass of yourself.
So many trolls here, oh my.
If you actually look at what this program was comparing, it was this kind of abstinence education vs a regular health class with no sex ed. That's a deceptive comparison. The true study would be to compare an abstinence class vs a comprehensive sex ed class.
I was waiting for someone to point out the two basic issues with this study, vis-a-vis religious-based, abstinence-til-marriage bullshit, and you nailed it. Shockingly, the WaPo mentioned neither the young age of the participants nor the fact that the "abstinence-only" model used was not akin to those that received special federal funding, providing more comprehensive, medically accurate information. Nobody seems to remember the studies showing that condom education and distribution are good-to-neutral on the scale of kids having sex or multiple partners: (just one example)….
So glad to live in an area that already has this type of program, where abstinence education is part of a well rounded, comprehensive curriculum. And, also allows parents to become familiar with the curriculum, and if they choose take their child out.

We have been pleased with the program our children are being taught, and it has made for open and easy talks with them. It is my opinion that educating and empowering children helps them to maintain their innocence free from ignorance.
So the obvious solution is to educate kids about safe sex etc., and urge (secular reasons) abstinence in health classes up to high school. Because let's face it; 12-year-olds should not be getting any, even from each other, and health classes should discourage middle schoolers from getting into sex too early.
Watch yourself.
Dan urges kids to have "100% safe foolproof GAY SEX".
Right, because the kids surveyed very being completely honest about telling these people about their sexual lives, after having to sit through eight hours of a class that drives into their heads that sex is bad and they should not be doing it.

Oh yeah, I'm sure they were completely honest.

And the fact is, those abstinence-only classes kept kids from sex for only about two years, then they started having sex--unprotected sex, because they still didn't have a clue about condoms and B.C., whereas the sex-ed classes that taught about B.C. may have kids having sex earlier, but what the survey fails to see is that those kids were not getting pregnant, because they had the education they needed to stay unpregnant and STD free, which is what all sex-ed should be focused on anyway. Not "no sex before marriage," it should be "no babies before marriage, and no STDs ever."
like, how is it that homosexuals are 59% of all new AIDS cases in America?
what's up with that?
@18: Go troll some other board, you fuckwit. I have yet to see Dan encourage preteens to screw, or to tell straight kids to switch teams. You're like a lotus root; filthy and very much in De Nile.

@20: Totally.
Like, how is it that religious wackos are the vast majority of logic-spurning ass bastards in America?
What's up with that?
@4- Joycelyn Elders (Clinton's Surgeon General) made the polically suicidal move of suggesting kids be informed about masturbation to curb riskier behaviors (vaginal/anal intercourse) in '94 before the UN. The religious right had such a field day with it that she was forced to step down.
So...just 'cause everybody does it DOES NOT mean we should ever talk to our kids about it being a safer route than actual sex with another human being. To me this was the epitome of the right's hypocrisy- that the mere mention of bangin' the bishop incensed them to mouth-frothing rage.
My boys were all taught from a young age that masturbation was a much better alternative than early sex, and they should never feel badly about it, or that it wasn't a legitimate means of sexual gratification. No std's or un-planned pregnancies ever occurred, and they all had sex when *they* were ready, not because their randy dicks drove them to it.
The right's hypocrisy knows no bounds.
My favorite part of this story is that the Christianists are proclaiming victory, not with "Hooray, kids are abstaining until marriage", but with "Hooray, kids are abstaining until they're 16!"

Real great program you got there, folks.
Also, I like how the Alleged's sex ed classes were divided by race, with the Blacks and Hispanics getting comprehensive education, and the Whites getting the "Jesus is my Contraceptive" class

don't miss the part about GAY SEX !
One thing that hasn't been reported on this study is that the results are based on "self-reporting" (i.e. just asking kids if they were sexually active). I haven't seen any evidence that self-reporting is a valid metric. Obviously, a program that successfully stigmatized sexual activity, could decrease self-reporting, without actually decreasing sexual activity. This is NOT true of STDs and pregnancies, which can be measured directly. Also, the study had 662 kids divided 4 ways, so a 33 to 42% difference (vs. comprehensive sex ed) is only 14 actual kids and just barely statistically significant.

link to the study info:
Um... ok, the abstinence programs in the study did not fit your hate-raddled caricature of religiously-motivated abstinence programs. Who does that surprise, aside from you incredibly bigoted leftists?
I wish these sex education programs would emphasize that when someone under 16 "has sex," one of the participants is committing a sex crime, a felony that today results in a lifetime of punishment. This fact should be among the first and last things taught.

"Touch a breast, go to jail."
@27 -……

The second video is great. Two girls who got pregnant their first time, no mention of birth control, and a bunch of terribly depressing feelings that could have been prevented with comprehensive sex education. Imagine, you inundate girls with the message that their virginity is sacred, and they get upset and depressed when they lose it, even though their bodies were responding naturally.

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