I have a dilemma.

I'm a kinky, poly, bi girl who likes older men. My primary and I have a great relationship. Even though we're both pretty GGG, we both have kinks that the other isn't into so we do have our sweeties outside of our primary relationship. I mean, she really really loves CBT but I have no cock which makes it hard to indulge her. We both know each other's playmates. But anyway. One of my fetishey things is incest RP ("role play"). I'm not into kids or teens; I'm not into ageplay. Just the idea of fun with "family." Through our local BDSM club, we found a munch for incest RPers. When we went, we ran into my uncle. My real uncle.

We played it cool, as you do when you're at a kinky munch and you see someone you know. Just said hi, talked for a bit and all that. I wasn't appalled or freaked out. (Hello? I'm a a perv too! Like I could throw stones!) But I was intrigued—and that was a shock since I've always been in the "Real family? ICK! Fantasy family HOT!" incest RP camp.

My uncle sat at our table for the munch and I know now that, at least kink-wise, we might be really compatible. I also know straight from Aunt's mouth that he's not getting any at home. She said once at a family party that she doesn't really care if he gets it elsewhere and I suspect that he may have had a long-running affair before he retired last year. He doesn't get to travel anymore though.

Anyway, you can see where this is going already: Do I discreetly ask my uncle if he'd like to pursue this? He lives in another city about six hours from me and I think we can be discreet and none of my immediate family lives nearby. I also know that if we had met at that munch and we weren't related I would be really interested in getting to know him better. I already know that he's a nice guy. My primary really likes him as well. And he's cool with my kinks, I think, and at the munch we exchanged Fetlife info and he sent me a friend request when he got home. He's never been the skeevy icky uncle like the one UNCLE wrote about last week. He's never behaved inappropriately with any of the kids in the family, so far as I know, and he doesn't have kids himself.

So do I go for the gusto or do I go spend quality time with my vibe? I can't think of a cute acronym....


Um... geez.

I'm going to recuse myself from this one. I have uncles of my own, Z., lots and lots of uncles, and as good a group of guys as they are—hey there, Jimmy, Ray, Wally, Jack, Jerry, Bill, Frank, et al—there isn't an hour in the day far enough from a regularly scheduled meal that I can contemplate what you're asking me to contemplate without throwing up all over my keyboard. (No offense intended, Jimmy, Ray, Wally, Jack, Jerry, Bill, Frank, et al). So I'm going to turn your letter over to the "SL Letter of the Day" debating society here on Slog.

And then I'm going to go boil my brain.