She should ask her aunt this question.
Just remember that you'll have to see him at family gatherings.

O.K., that's all I got before the urge to vomit.
Also boiling my brain.
Maybe I missed it...

Is this an uncle by blood, or an uncle by marriage?
I see the Penthouse Forum letter writers got laid off and are now writing you with their "true stories".
oh, and by the way YOU BROKE SLOG fyi.
Please please PLEASE use protection!!! We don't need any more Tea Baggers in the world.
Keep the water hot! And, don't hog the basin!
Stick with the vibe. You said at the start, you didn't really have a REAL incest fetish... it just seems like more trouble than it's worth.
Hm, this is one of those things you can indulge yourself in and regret very, very much later on. I'd err on the side of caution and avoid any uncle fucking memories to live down. There is SO much more to lose than to gain.

This is the obvious answer, right?
Just because she suspects her aunt lets him have other partners doesn't mean that her aunt actually allows him to have other partners.

And even if aunt and uncle did have an arrangement, the potential for major drama is just too high here. She shouldn't put family ties at risk for sexual gratification when she has so many other options.

Also, eeeeew.
um, yeah. I have a strong gag reflex, though it is working overtime right now. You are letting your fantasy life meet and shake hands with your real life, two things that sometimes never need to meet. Regardless of your aunt and uncles relationship, which does not really play into the real issue, it does not matter if his regular path to pussy is now closed off. HE. IS. STILL. YOUR. UNCLE. What would happen if you do pursue this? What about your aunt? What about the rest of your family? You say the immediate family does not live nearby, but what are the chances they could find out from a jilted lover, a horrible friend, your uncle (your freakin' uncle!!!). You say he never acted skeevy, isn't this acting skeevy? Don't do it. You don't have to tell your family about this, um, meeting. Don't have to rat him out, if it's his kink good for him (though I would be weary during reunions). Nothing good can come of this. Enjoy your kink some better, less real, healthier way.
All that blathering, and no cute acronym? She is shit for brains.
Stay away! Vote Against! Gulp Effexor!
Much as the kinky, fun-loving side of me wants to tell Z to "go for it" (seriously), I think I've got to step back and say "wow, this has a really, really big chance of spilling over onto the other members of your family, and that wouldn't be cool. At all."

Hope you have a good vibrator, Z.
I agree with 12 and 11. The potential for major drama and regret is too huge. So it won't get out to the family immediately... maybe.
It sounds way too complicated and risky. I don't have any negative kneejerk reaction to incest. I don't feel a need to puke or boil my brain, so I can pretty safely say I'm not just being reactionary when I say "no, don't do it. BAD idea."
What's a munch?
Why the fuck not? True, there could be "unintended complications" especially if you don't use protection. If you're both consenting adults, go right ahead. It's not my cup of tea, of course, but who am I to "gag" at someone else's choice of sex partner?
U-N-C-L-E Fuck you! Uncle fucker!!!!!

..... Fuck! - South Park
uncle by marriage = normal jerry springer drama potential. parents sibling = super awful drama potential.
Shut your fucking face, uncle fucker
You´re a cocksucking, ass-liking, uncle fucker
You´re an uncle fucker, yes it´s true
Nobody fucks uncles just like you...
Sometimes the idea of a fantasy is just that. an idea. some should be fulfilled and some probably not. when you fulfill your fantasy it no longer is a fantasy. this can rob you of further thoughts around what ever fantasy you have. that being said i totally support people who have the opportunity and will power to go thru with their desires. the big problem here is your talking about fucking your uncle. if by chance your uncle is blood related. the possibility of going thru with this scenario is more repulsive. still its your fucking uncle. at least make sure their is absolutely no way you will get pregnant. if for some reason any one else in your family finds out you probably wont be welcome any where near any family gathering ever again. this only matters if you care about that. personally i think this is sick, but i cant judge you for your fantasies, nor the possibility of actually living one out.
I'm far more skeeved by what's going on at City Hall...
Even worse is Dan assuming were all apart of his "gang".PukeCity.
Especially if your uncle ever changed your diapers when you were a kid, keep repeating the words of "watery" @11 above: there is SO much more to lose than gain.
Whether you let anything happen, the first priority should be that your aunt never find out anything about this situation. This really seems like a situation where you need to weigh your own feelings on the issue, and decide if the real-life-gratification of this normally-just-a-fantasy kink is worth the potential awkwardness in the future. If you think the awkwardness is worth it, or if you don't think you'll see him in large family gatherings in the future, then see if he's even interested in pursuing this. It could be that you're putting thought into something that he wouldn't want to do anyway.

The incest taboo is only so deeply ingrained to avoid inbreeding, and if you're both sane you'll do everything to keep that from happening anyway.

I think you should definitely talk to him, he's probably thinking about it as much as you are.
I'm with @20 here. Uncle by marriage = I don't really care, it's no worse than half the couples you see walking around the trailer park. Uncle by blood = ugh. Odds of you or uncle getting heartbroken or plastered at some point in the future, preferably at a large family gathering, and blurting out some hateful, hurtful shit that destroys everybody's brains are very high.
@17 : regarding what a 'munch' is...
Well, okay then. Have you ever hear of the phrase "risk-reward relationship"? What are you risking here (insane family drama, high potential for regret later, etc.) vs. what are you going to get out of it (fun sex and a fantasy indulged)? And, most importantly, could you get the same reward through some other method without the risk?

Which is, I guess, a fancy-pants way of saying... Dude. There are plenty of other people who you could fuck who'd be happy to pretend to be your uncle. Don't do it.
How did your uncle just happen to run into you at an event when you live six hours apart? Just askin'.
Well, no risks no rewards, right? Sure, this might blow up in your hands but... it has much potential for epic win. I'd say try it, but very progressively in case you start having second thoughts. Better not to have done anything too drastic if that happens, right?

The more I think about it though, the less I believe that story to be true. I hate to shout "troll" but...
Oh, just bang your uncle already, nobody gives a shit about your dithering when we're all secretly assuming you've already done it.

Was he good? Does your uncle have a big juicy cock?

I'm glad I'm not attracted to any of my family members. My former teachers, on the other hand...
My personal experience with really kinky role-playing is the minute it got at all "real" ("wait, you really think I am a sick cocksucking faggot? where are my pants?) it was SO not hot. So in addition to all of the excellent reasons above why you shouldn't do it, don't do it because it won't be hot.

Now for the good news: you know exactly what to look for in a guy to make it SUPER HOT: a guy who looks like/reminds you of your uncle. Have him dress like your uncle, find out if your uncle wears any cologne/aftershave (although that shit makes me gag), call him by your uncle's name...instead crazy fucking hotness. Because after you are all sweaty and covered in jizz and spit, when you look next to you you won't be looking at YOUR FUCKING UNCLE!
I would have to file this under. Bull shit letter, and most likely, and even if it was true, uhm .... not worth the aftermath.
umm, isn't it that she is asking about her primary fucking her uncle? sure she(the letter writer) maybe involved somehow, but how much is not indicated, sure there is a family conflict and skeeve factor to consider, but at least she is asking before...

ehhh they probably all already did it... still this is barely Springer material, it's kind of a bravo/hallmark movie of the week mashup.
Need to know the answer to @4.
Agreed with @29.

@30: It might have been one of the few events for quite a distance, who knows.
FAKE LETTER. It happened again, Dan. Remember the toilet seat and channel 29? Good times.
It's really not very difficult to find older men who are into young women, and my guess is most of them could give two hoots if you call them "uncle", "daddy"....whatever. Seems like you're making this whole role-play experience a lot harder than it needs to be.

General rule of thumb: if you're female and under 40, you can make pretty much any of your sexual fantasies come true. Try craigslist, you'll have so many "uncles" you won't know what to do with them all.
you know, OTOH, way to cryptic to parse, almost intentionally so.

gotta go with most likely fake.
Well it's finally happened. I've officially found my Slog limit. I don't want to go all Loveschild on you, but you're a freak. And your uncle is a freak. And your girlfriend is a freak. And not in a good way either. Get thee to a tubal ligation. Now, let the brain boiling begin...
Man, you guys must have just found the internet or something, if you're seriously nauseated by this letter.

Jesus, what a bunch of dandies.
i know, with ya, dan's arrogant and conceited. what can ya do? hooray for the millions of hits that this website gets. Puke City indeed. In the state of Shit for Brains, the country is United States of Cunts, with Prez Savage leading the media boner. i am NOT proud to be an american
Uh... Am I the only one who thinks Z should take some time to think it over? She seems to have a heckuva sex life WITHOUT the real, real incest.

Give it, I dunno, a year or so. If you're still thinking of your real (by marriage or by blood) uncle as a potential partner, even after 12 months of kinky, poly, bi, and vibey adventures... well, Oscar Wilde said the only way to get rid of temptation is to give into it.
The first thing I would consider before anything is being found out. How will you deal with your Aunt finding out? How will you cope with your entire family believing you destroyed their marriage?

If you really want to pursue this (and to be honest, in my mind, consenting adults are consenting adults, related or not), I would suggest step 1 talk to Uncle and find out if Aunt is on board. Step 2, confirm that Aunt is on board with Aunt. I somehow doubt you will need step 3.
So at least incest is a no-no, a somewhat odd position to take when other similar things are not viewed as vomit inducing but ....small steps, small steps.
Let's just go with a simple NO on this one, Dan.
Um, uncle fucker? Fake?

#8 actually points out a practical reason why you should NOT do this, no matter how game you both are, unless one of you is infertile.

Also wondering how such a fetish might have developed...

Shut your fucking face uncle fucka
You're the one that fucked your uncle, uncle fucka
You dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
You just fuck your uncle all day long
EWWW! EW EW EW! Bad kink there.

@47: What do you consider to be like incest? GAY BUTTSECKS? Wow! I never knew that sticking it in another guy's ass was comparable to fucking your sibling!
Seriously, Loveschild, you asinine cuntwhorebitch. Which would you prefer: that every American had a single homosexual encounter or that every American had a single incestuous encounter?
I know it would be the first one for me. The ball is in your court, Loveschild.
Savage Love, July 31, 2003…

"In the same spirit of pretend slaves and pretend rapes, SIB, you can indulge your incest fantasies without actually committing incest. Incest is wrong, yes--just as owning slaves and raping people is wrong."

I guess Dan's advice in this case would be no, don't do it.

@43: Yeah, I'm kind of surprised too. Seriously, we've read about people who like to smell, lie in, and/or eat their own shit. I'm *really* not that icked out by (consensual, adult) incest. It IS icky, but not boil-my-brain bad. Eating shit? That's boil-my-life bad.
If this is a fake, it's someone who's spent a fair bit of time absorbing not just the lingo but the presentational cadences of the SM scene, so, well, good job I guess?

I'm gonna go with "pretty much what everyone else said above." Maaaaaaaaybe if your uncle were actually divorced and your own parents were dead, it might be worth contemplating. But if you did it and it came out, you'd be tossing a shit-bomb of biblical proportions into the lives of a bunch of people who never, ever asked to become even notionally aware of your sexlife.

Meanwhile, as noted above, find a guy who looks like your uncle and commence fucking him until the itch is officially scratched.

(Aside to loveschild: take your faux surprise that people with different ethics than you nonetheless have ethics and shove it up your ass sideways. Have a nice day!)
@50, I can't believe I'm sticking up for Loveschild here, but I actually find the insult "cuntwhorebitch" pretty offensive. I wish you wouldn't use it on her. It drips with misogyny, and reflects worse on you.
If your uncle's a parent's sister's husband, that is a bit different than if he's a parent's brother. Even if he is, an uncle's a big step of removal from your parent or your sib. You're both over 21. You don't need anyone's blessing.

On the other hand, there are going to be lifelong consequences if you get caught. If you do get caught, you're going to be the uncle fucker til end of days. If you don't want to live with that, don't do it.
Uncle (Latin avunculus "little grandfather," diminutive of avus "grandfather,")

Sooooo, you still want to fuck him?
one does not need to indulge every fantasy or desire that pops into one's head. in fact, it's generally best NOT to.
Unless she is ugly as fuck and can't get anyone to dick her, she should stay clear of Uncle.

Seriously, I fucking hate people who think of every person as a potential fuck. Yeah, it's all about you getting off, right.

Don't think about complications or other people's lives that may be affected by your actions because YOU got an itch.

Nope, go right ahead. Maybe when your lack of ethics ends up making you homeless, you can find all the dick you need.

The instinctual ick factor is very strong. There's a good reason for that; you really don't want to go mixing your genes with your close relatives. Evolutionarily, steering clear of incest is a good idea.

However, Z, I think we all know you're not planning to get knocked up if you fool around with your uncle. What it comes down to, then, is a risk-reward analysis, in which you consider what actual harm could come of it and weigh that against your sexual gratification.

In this case I feel I have to come down against. Your uncle might be a good resource to talk about this stuff with; you might have found a friend in the family who understand. But fucking him? You say you're pretty sure he had an affair. How did you find that out?

No, seriously, how did you find that out?

I want you to think about that long and hard. I guarantee that whatever information channels leaked rumors of his affair to you are still going to operate just as smoothly if it's YOU he starts fucking instead of some other woman. You need to ask yourself if you are willing to accept the fallout that would come from your family discovering this if you did it, because given that we already know he can't successfully hide an external affair, what are the chances the two of you can hide an internal affair?

Whether something is right or wrong can only be measured by the harm it does to people, but I think in this case the chance of real harm is too high for you to go for it. Sorry. Maybe you can talk about it with your uncle and you can both masturbate to the idea, but realizing the fantasy is just not a good plan.
This person loves DRAMA. That is the only possible explanation for why they would be pursuing a sexual relationship with their uncle. My god, are you trying to fuck up your life?
Some people just have no sense.
I really don't understand the backlash on this one. You are both consenting adults, so do what nature intended. For that matter, this kind of thing was common in "high society" for centuries in order to make sure family ties were tight and bloodlines pure, etc. Now we have this new religiously-codified idea of the sins of incest so people want to say "icky"? It doesn't sound like they want to have children (doesnt actually cause mutants anyways, kind of the opposite) so what difference does it make who gave the orgasm if it is the person you chose? Just because they happen to know all the same people...

Let's put it this way... if they were estranged family members who didn't know about their relations and met, fucked, etc... no one would give a shit. The moment they know about a social construct between them suddenly they have to care because society says so? Can you imagine where society would be now if we were always so caring about societies rules when it came to inter-racial or LGBT relationships? We may still have a culture that prohibits people of different social-class from getting together.

This isn't to say there isn't non-title based concerns to think about. It would be the same if your social group had rules about dating people's ex's and you wanted to. Those issues are real and brought on because of your social tie. Think about that all you want... the uncle/niece thing is inconsequential beyond that.
Sorry Z,

If you're out there I have to say NO. You did not say if this individual was your uncle by genetics or marriage, and one could argue that makes a difference. Still, my advice is find someone else to "play" with, this sounds like a family tragedy waiting to happen.

I am going to return to boiling my brain now. The thought of being with any of my genetic uncles, of course one passed away from lung cancer, really freaks me out. The thought of being with one of my uncles via marriage also freaks me out. Freaks. Me. Out.

There's actually a pretty strong taboo against incest more or less universally in human cultures, and like I said it's for sound genetic reasons. Too much chance of producing offspring that are homozygous for dangerous recessive traits. Incest only occurs routinely when a particular culture, or part of a culture, becomes so abstracted that a more powerful drive even than instinctive revulsion can overpower it. That instinct is why so many people who are generally sex-positive and rational - Dan, for instance - have just bowed out of this one with a loud "ICK." Instinct is deeper than rational thought.

But like I said, no kids, no foul, basically. If no one is harmed - I mean really, honestly, if you can pursue all the consequences of an action to their logical conclusions and there's no harm - it's not wrong per se. The Loveschilds of the world believe there's some external force dictating an absolute morality on us that is completely uncorrelated with harm, but you don't sound much like you're in that camp.

Incidentally, I think maybe you need to read some Heinlein. It seems like you'd like it. I don't mean that as an insult, either; Heinlein kind of turned into a creepy old man later in his life but even so some of his ideas were pretty rational and pretty far ahead of their time. It's also good sci-fi so it's a pleasure to read even if you don't necessarily agree with the notion of an immortal man traveling back in time to fuck his own mother, or fucking twin female clones of himself.
Don't do it Z., it will only bring trouble. When it comes to incest fantasy should stay as fantasy.
I don't find the kink nearly as disturbing as the fact that someone would seriously consider sacrificing their relationship with their entire family to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Unless of course, they hate their family - in which case they may as well go for it.
I have an uncle, by marriage, separated from me by at least four family members, now divorced from my aunt and living hours away. Said uncle is smoking hot and under other circumstances I would jump his bones in a heartbeat. I feel where you're coming from, Z.

That said, the anti-incest instinct prevents me from doing any more than shaking his hand whenever we meet. He's fun to think about while masturbating once in a while, but I can't even imagine the revulsion I'd feel were something to ever really happen, not to mention the family strife caused were someone to find out. The risks waaaaay outweigh the rewards on this one, I'm afraid.
Comparing the potential pleasure to the potential harm done to your family, I think the harm overweight the pleasure. So it's not worth it.
Just do it.

The most interesting moments in life tend to arise from the most bizarre and dramatic instances anyway... this is a long-term interesting moment in the making.
@68, "Just do it"?

Urqutha's post should contain the following disclaimer "Readers should note the the advice contained in this communication was formulated in Tallahassee, FL".

Yes, I know, I live in Australia. Where female emissions are urine and small boobs peodophilic objects. But at least it's not Tallahassee...
Use the vibe for more fantasy fodder, but don't cross the line with this real uncle. Find some other guy to pretend to be your uncle and keeps those two worlds separate. You can even pretend that the other guy is your real uncle if you want, but again, keep it a fantasy. You can't easily walk away from your family if word gets out, and you'll have to live with that for the rest of your life.
bad idea jeans

/boils brain in bleach.

/boils laptop in bleach, just to be safe.

Role-play. Or something. Don't fuck your uncle. (Unless you like really fucked up Thanksgiving Dinners, then go for it).
No. Super No with extra Fuck No sauce if it's an uncle by blood, but no either way. The potential for horrifying consequences is far too high here to be worth it.

Finding a doppelganger for your uncle willing to RP, on the other hand? Sure. That's my advice.
I agree with those who say, "don't do it!" I think you might want to examine this kink and fantasy. Sounds like you were sexually abused at some point. Just my two cents...
In the alternative press, pretty much the only seemingly normal hetero couple are the Obamas. The rest of us are quite content watching the tiresome freak show from afar.
Jeez what a bunch of wimps.

This doesn't really skeeve me out at all. I have an uncle who's only 15 years older than me, and I had fantasies about him when I was younger (never acted on).

I'll assume that if you did this, you'd simultaneously use six different kinds of birth control so you don't end up with a retarded baby with 3 arms.

Still, as a practical matter, step back for a moment. The chances of this getting out are probably 50/50 over the long term. You'll get caught, or he'll say something, you'll say something, one of your party friends will say something, a jilted ex will say something... whatever. If you get found out, just what kind of family drama will ensue? I'm guessing it would be spectacular, and not in a good way.

Probably safer all around to find some stand-in for your uncle fantasy.
Yup, I'm in Tallahassee... a shithole among shitholes, no argument. But I didn't originate there... I'm only there because of a job.

That said, even if I were still living in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN, I'd still say go for it.

Life already has plenty of things for people to feel shame and anguish about. This is prime material for that... so I say, do it and feel the opposite. Do something that others would feel absolutely dirty and filthy about. Do it because you'll never have another chance in this one and only life you have on earth to ever do anything like it again. When it's all consenting adults, and everyone knows the details, then go for it, sickness be damned! Go for it!
@76 - I'm not sure it's as much about being skeeved out, at least for me (probably can't say the same for the boiled brains folks -- I will say I'm making a herculean effort to not picture any of my uncles as I think about it).

It's more like, it makes absolutely no logical sense to me why she would do this. So, let's say this is her ultimate fantasy -- big reward but huge risk. Couldn't she just get, like, 90% of the way there with a faux-uncle? With almost none of the risk?
Cognitive behavioral therapy?
@61, 63, 76, right on! Your morality is your own business. If the two of you consenting, related adults want to do it, I don't see why anyone should stop you.

Having said that, I think there's alot of wisdom here as well. Whether your family will find out is one thing you'd want to think seriously about; but you two will have to live with what happened in your own conscience, which may or may not be okay with this, particularly after the fact.

You okay keeping this episode to yourself for the rest of your life, given that most people will react with ick? Is your uncle going to not blab on his death bed when he 'faces his maker'? I don't know, only you can judge. Don't let any of us talk you into anything.
Googles "CBT fetish"

@77, I find it hard to argue with that logic, rationally. However I'm invoking my right to be an irrational fuckwit and be skeeved out by the whole incest thing.

Just teasing about Tallahassee by the way. Can't be all bad with folks like you there. Plus my brother used to live there. :)
I'm not touching that with a 30 foot pole.

Attention all straight dudes, old or young, related or not, stay the heck away from bi-femmes!


Because they are day they're cool and girly and like the best blend of friendship and sex, and then the next day they go into their "boy mode" and they want to compete with you and beat you in wrestling.

So, unless you like "changing the channels" every couple of hours...don't bother!
Hit that.

Basing your gross generalizations on one girl, I'm guessing?
@84: That's funny because my bi girlfriend is really always kind of competitive...and is never really one of those (sickeningly-ditzy-)girly people. I like that; it cuts down on the amount of pink clothing I have to be around.
I agree with Urgutha. These are extraordinary circumstances. It sounds like she realizes the impact her actions would have if they got together and that info leaked, and hopefully so does he. Great incentive for both of them to keep things under wraps.

The stars will never be more aligned. Do it or forever regret missing the perfect opportunity.

(With that said, I'm also not buying the story that he lives six hours away but they just happened to meet at a munch.)
I think your fantasy should remain a fantasy, acting on fantasy can be disappointing and in your case be the reason of a major family fall out. I expect multiple orgasms with your vibrator.
On the other hand, I do not think this is a real letter, too much details and too much perfectness, but how on earth your real uncle came to that BDSM club when he is leaving 6 hours apart...he drove 12 hours ... that is too much...(even flying ) even unreal.
I think she needs to consider where our culture is likely to assign blame if she goes ahead with this and it does all come out in public. Does it go to the married older gentleman or the queer, poly Lolita?
A few, disconnected thoughts:
--Sounds like a fake letter, overall.

--If it is real, there's a strong chance that Z and/or the uncle would chicken out if they attempted to really do anything. At this point, even with the option of realization, the fantasy is still a fantasy and they may well feel very differently when they attempt to do the deed for real. Instinct is a powerful thing.

--I would advise against doing it, if the letter is real, for the family's sake. Less than this causes estranged relatives and a general breakdown of familial bonds. Unless you're already pretty estranged from the rest of your family, you don't want to risk that.

--Dan, fucking grow a pair. You're a sex advise columnist, and you can't bring yourself to deal with sex questions if they've got some ick factor going on? You knew the right answer for this person, and it's not like any of us could answer this without pictures of our uncles flashing in our heads. Honestly, you lobbing this one over to the peanut gallery (when really, it's these sort of "out there" and icky questions you're MOST needed for) is pretty disappointing.
See, this is yet another reason not to have kids. You don't foresee their growing up and trying to fuck your brother, and then 20 or 30 years later you're put into the mother of all awkward situations that could have been AVOIDED.
post 84 is what happens when a guy only dates one girl and then gets dumped.
I agree with everyone saying "NO," if only because there's the huge potential for you to realize, once it's in progress "oh wait, this is entirely FUCKED UP." You didn't have REAL incest fantasies for a reason. I'd say it's on par with rape fantasies - cool in your head, not so much irl.

I have to contradict everyone getting all freaked about babies. Yes, having a kid with your uncle is probably not a good idea for societal/familial issues, but the kids won't be deformed or demented. Many cultures allow first cousin marriage, and they're just fine. Inbreeding problems usually manifest a couple generations after brother-sister nookie. It's not a good idea, but insemination-by-uncle will NOT leave you with some creature from the black lagoon.
Yuck... I can't read this shit anymore... it's making me physically ill.
@ 59 & 63: Excellent points, and well put! balderdash had a great sugestion Z - pick up a copy of "Time Enough for Love" by Robert A Heinlein. I don't share your fantasy so the incest content of Heinlien's writting (my favorate author) always left me a little uncomfortable but I think it will add an extra pique to an already excellent book for you.

To more directly address your question though, this is a clear cut case of fantasy not needing to become a reality. Not for social or biological reasons but the potential of letting your family know far too much about your sex life is simply too likely. I don't know about you, but I can't SNEEZE in my family without someone finding out eventually.

The Aunt may be just fine with him finding something on the side, but I doubt she's expecting to ever meet the something, let alone having to sit across the Christmas Dinner table from her. Somehow, I think she'll find the distinction an important one.

And one final thought, forget about the Aunt. Imagine sitting in your mother's kitchen trying to explain to her why it was essential that you sleep with her sister's husband (don't know why, but that's the vibe I'm getting from your letter). Dan likes to say that parents have the right not to know some things about their kids. This is one of those times, and I simply don't know how you'll keep this secret for the next 30 - 40 years if you act on it.

Unless this was the ONLY way you could get off, I just don't see the reward outweighting the risk on this one. But by all means, find a surogate and fuck him until your eyes cross! :)
Two responsible, consenting adults who can not only act out their kink, but actually experience their kink - and Dan has to boil his brain? I don't get it. Then there is the "man not getting any aspect," which usually leads Dan to recommend cheating. Personally, I wouldn't go for it, but I've got a sibling who probably would, (or even might have, but I don't want to know about it). A lot of the consequences depend on the family dynamics - if there is always an explosion waiting to happen, then something is going to trigger it, regardless.
Incest likely turns you on Z, because of the taboo involved. The extent to which it is considered as such should be apparent from these comments. If you go ahead with this, what then? Going back to role play probably won't do it for you after the real thing. So you end up stuck with one person to fulfill to this kink of yours. I will refrain from passing moral judgment on two consenting adults, but your family won't. Over time this will probably get out and you will be persecuted in real life not just slog-life.

Stick with the role play.
Are you sure, Z, you are not a descendant of Sophocles, you have the premisces of a Greek tragedy , if Sophocles gave us Oedipus Rex , you might give us Creon Rex ...(Creon was the uncle of Oedipus (Brother of Jocasta)...and definitely no for acting on real on your incest fantasy
I agree with those who say there would/could be unintended consequences to indulging in this fetish, from the possibility of your family getting involved somehow to not being able to enjoy role play anymore once you've had the real thing.

I too enjoy fantasizing about the "incest taboo", because...well, forbidden things are hot, and because the power disparity in such a scenario is so obvious, and I like that. But I don't think I'd ever be tempted to indulge with a relative, for the reasons I listed above.

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