The King County Prosecutor's office filed robbery charges against four people allegedly involved in the beating of a girl in the downtown transit tunnel on January 28. According to court records filed today (.pdf), Daysha Henderson, LaTroy Hayman, Tyrone Watson, and Dominique Whitaker allegedly robbed Aiesha Baker, 15, while she was walking with a friend through the Downtown Transit Tunnel. The suspects range from 15 to 20 years old.

Security guards watched the assault, apparently doing nothing to intervene, court records indicate.

Video from security cameras allegedly captures Henderson pushing Baker off the platform and into the transit well, but Baker eventually fought her way back up onto the platform, where Henderson allegedly proceeded to stomp on her and kick her in the chest, face and neck.

According to documents just filed, Baker recounted the attack to investigators:

I went to the security and told them that these kids were trying to jump me. The Asian guy was on his walkie-talkie and the other guy was acting like he didn't care. I know I am about to get jumped and I am hanging around the guards to try and get protection. I have talked to people who say this group of kids likes to jump people and rob them so I knew they had no boundaries. As I am standing right by the three security guards. I saw the rest of the group coming from every direction. I knew I was in big trouble. The first thing that crossed my mind is that I don't want to get into trouble and I want to go home. I thought that the security guards would defend me if Daysha tried anything. So I was just walking around the guards and that was when Daysha started hitting me.

I started fighting back and my chest started hurting very bad. I have [a] potentially fatal heart condition so my instinct was to curl up so she could not hit my chest. I feel like I blanked out and didn't really feel the pain of her kicks. I thought I was getting jumped by the whole group because of all the kicks and how fast they were coming. When I woke up I felt dizzy and I had pain everywhere. I couldn't get up and my vision was blurry. My heart was skipping beats and that is when my disease kicks in. If my heart skips more beats than it normally skips, that is when it can become fatal.

Afterward, security showed up:

They were trying to get my name but the lady [who had come to help] was telling them to back off for a minute. ... They said if I wasn't going to cooperate that we need to leave the area. [Her friend] Jada helped me up the escalator and security followed up. When we got to the second floor I see the same officers that were telling me to leave earlier. It looks like they are coming to the scene like someone called for them. ... So I yelled at them for minute and was just going off. I told them that the group was outside McDonalds. I yelled at the officers, "Are you going to stand here or are you going to get them before they do this to someone else?" They told me to leave the tunnel and were escorting me out. As I leave the tunnel they just stood in front of the tunnel and didn't even help me get to a safe environment. They just wanted me to leave.

She later told investigators:

Over the next several days I was still in pain. My headaches are very bad and my head hurts where the hair was pulled. My hair was so damaged that I had to get my hair cut. I am still having headaches to this day. I haven't gone to the doctor yet because of all the appointments I have gone to for my heart condition.

KIRO has the full security surveillance video here.

Video from the tunnel allegedly shows Whitaker and Hayman taking an iPod and cell phone. All of the suspects are being charged with robbery in the first degree and they are being held on bail. (For more details, read the charging documents in this .pdf.)