god, watching that video and now hearing her firsthand reports just make me so pissed off at the security guards. after not even attempting to intervene, they tell baker that she has to leave the tunnel and escort her out? baker needs to sue, whether it's the security contractors, ST, metro, or the city of seattle.
Daysha, LaTroy, Tyrone…names that just scream success in life.
This is Seattle.

Beating the shit out of someone in broad daylight?
no problem.

Robbing them?
nada problemo...

Complaining about being beaten and robbed?
trouble makers like you will have to leave...
3rd and Pine was a ghost town this afternoon.
What does Mayor McCheese have to say about this?
This video will be seen all over the globe and even if Seattle Hipsters are too jaded to care the rest of Mankind will be sickened and outraged...
That video was disturbing on so many levels. Forget the fact that they were security guards, I would think that they should have acted as human beings. Especially if the girl was like, these people are going to jump me, can you help.

Plus, what a great strategy on the party of Metro Transit to basically tell everyone that they can get away with whatever they want to, even if there's a security guard right there (they "observe and report", they don't "get involved").
""I'm not trying to say what anybody did was right. They were all wrong. My son was wrong to even be there," said the woman [mother of arrested suspect], who asked not to be named for fear of retribution. "But these two girls used to be good friends until they started dating each other's boyfriends, cheating, saying ugly things about each other on MySpace and stirring things up," she said."

Sounds like a couple of future baby mamas going at it; I rimagine down oin the ghetto people pay to watch this shit. Hell, these ain't Wallingford 'hos.

I wouldn't have lifted a finger either. I mean shit, who wants the NAACP and ACLU on your ass for harming one of these beeeeatches while trying to pry them apart. Touch one of them and Sloggers will be screaming about 'social justice'. So you know what, fuck 'em, let them solve their own problems. THey don't need cops.

Would you try to break up a pit bull fight. Just more of the trash you see around Westlake every day.

Just keep this ghetto shit where it belongs, in the ghetto.
@6 I know. Not that those rent-a-cops were much of a deterrent prior to this incident, but now everyone knows that they can do whatever the hell they want in a bus tunnel station and face no repercussions whatsoever. Let's see how Metro responds. I don't care if they were technically following the rules of their job, to just stand there during the beating and then afterward to show no concern and not make any attempt to help the's inhuman.
They must be chuckling down the Rainier Valley....shiiiiiat, this stuff happens every day! Just not on video.
I propose we change the "Security" vests to read "Observe and Report Squad," or "The Thumb Twiddlers" because if someone was after me, I would also assume "Security" infers they can DO something.

Wanna bet Mr X lives in a nice, safe, white Seattle neighborhood but considers himself reeeeally liberal and tolerant.

I have to agree with most of that.

However, the victim DID ask security to help and they need to help. Its their job.

This city needs to grow a pair and take out the trash.
@9: Yeah, that's exactly right. If I were standing there, I would have fucking clocked the person kicking the girl in the head, even if it meant that I was 100% certain to lose my job.

And no, I'm not talking tough on the internet. I'm certain that group of kids could have taken me down: I have no illusions about that. But you don't just stand there and let those kinds of assholes win without a fight. No one intervenes because "it's not my problem," of course, but in the end this means that no one will intervene when it is your problem, when you're the one being randomly assaulted.

Seeing a bus station full of people just stand around aghast when something like this happens almost makes me want to randomly assault someone myself. Chances are that person will be an asshole who deserves it.

Or better yet, WiS.


of course you wouldn't help. you're a coward. not that I'm defending anyone else there at the time, but seriously man. we get that you're scared shitless of your shadow. its black after all right?
...hey! high five other Lee!
Actually my lady friend just called me and reminded me that we saw the group looking for the girl and acting like total assholes out on 3rd and Pine that night. I remember them pointing the victim out and following her around the corner. The main perp girl orchestrated the whole thing, getting all her 3rd avenue trash friends to help her kick her ass. Sounded like a jealousy thing to me. I remember her saying "...and did you see what that bitch was wearin?"

Hey--the security guards are there to make sure that no Metro property is vandalized. Nothing more, nothing less.

.....and the generalizations, assumptions, stereotypes & easy labels continue.

People who speak in absolutes have nothing new to contribute. At least, that's been my experience since age 6.

I bet Mr. Smith will defend himself my 'attack' w/ more generalizations, assumptions, stereotypes & easy labels. Countdown in 3.... 2....
Just sent this email to Olympic Security Services' "info" email:

Subject: Transit station attack/Suggesting a name change

Hey, I was thinking, in this ever-complicating era of small business marketing, it's more important that ever to make sure that a company be more specific about the services they provide. Just to dispel any confusion that might arise.

For example, I've noticed the Olympic Securty Services doesn't really provide what one would traditionally call "security" to their clients, or the patrons of said clients. That is to say, when somebody is, say, being savagely beaten in full view of three of your employees, those employees are not moved in the least to provide a safe haven, or protect the victim, or alert armed authorities to assist the victims -- small measures often associated with the concept of "security." I've consulted a thesaurus to confirm this.

However, you do provide the absolutely invaluable service of "observing and reporting" events, such as brutal attacks on teenage girls with heart conditions.

I don't know about you, but it certainly gives me a lot of internal comfort that if, God forbid, my 5-year-old daughter were savagely beaten by ruffians in the Metro Transit Tunnel, that the employees at your firm would stand at the ready, fully prepared to watch the attack and then tell someone about it. Really, abstention and refusal to get involved are such -- well, not so much "underrated" skills associated with security, so much as "usually overlooked."

Given the need to refine and be exact about job descriptions in this tech-savvy day and age, I thought you should change the name of your company to "Olympic Observation & Reporting Services." Or you may just want to change your proper name altogether to give your new business direction a fresh start, maybe something that can easily be transformed into an acronym. Something like "Affiliated Security Services / Hoverer's Observation Limited Enterprises."

Just a consideration. Think about it. It's a terrifying, dangerous world, and we dearly need more professional firms like yours to stand around and look at it before forcing the victims to leave.

I am not defending these guys. I am not defending these guys. I am not defending these guys. I am not defending these guys

One video does not tell the complete story. One victim's account does not tell the complete story.

I am not defending these guys. I am not defending these guys. I am not defending these guys. I am not defending these guys
@21 VERY win.
Strong work!
"even if it meant that I was 100% certain to lose my job. "

loose your job? You would have been charged and tried in court and faced jail time. PLus the NAACP would be calling you a racist.

So no, let the little beeeeatches and hos fight it out. Down in the ghetto this is entertainment, like watching 'The First 48', America's favorite black comedy show.
@21 Yes, strong work except for one tiny, minor detail. The company's policy of observing a ho fight is set by METRO, the government-run agency.
Really, kids doing what kids do all the time and people are acting like this is PROOF that Seattle is a crime-ridden hellhole? That poor liberals are getting curbed all the time in Seattle because they dared get near a darkie! Oh, the crime! The crime!

Talk about coddled and swaddled.
@22: No, but there were three uniformed security guys standing there as one person was repeatedly kicking another person in the head. I don't have to believe the victim has done nothing wrong, or that the perpetrator does not have a legitimate gripe, in order to know that the right thing to do is to stop the person kicking the victim in the head.

Getting your posse together to terrorize a person who's alone is not okay, even if they did slash your tires. "Pick on someone your own size," as the saying goes. And, yes, you intervene when you can, because you are a human being, and you play by the rules by which you expect others to play. Even if they don't.

And yes, I know you're not defending anyone.
"Oh, the crime! The crime!"

Are u kidding? Seattle is very safe, as Fnarf has pointed out. Safe the same way Portland and Austin are and all three are filled with guilty white liberals and hardly any blacks. No connection, of course, I'm just saying.

Now, back to "The First 48", America's favorite black urban comedy.
Hey, at least it wasn't the usual victims of wilding in Seattle: you know, guys playing the tuba or watering a traffic circle. Guys who deserved to get murdered. I mean, just asking for an ass kicking.

Thank God for the Ship Canal. Let's us northsiders be liberal yet never have to deal with the reality of the south side.
@30: You're right, no crime in the north end.…

Nope. No crime.
honestly i just watched that news real for the first time today on febuary 10 2010 about two weeks after it happened as i watched the video i began to cry i litterally wanted to jump through the screen and help her. i want and i prob will let everyone in america know who the damn ignorant little beast are that beat that poor girl and to the guards i dont care what you are told to do if you see someone getting the living shit beat out of them you help the damn person because if she would have died everyone in america would be looking at you worse then are already doing i hope all the guards get fired and cannot take care of there familys and i never wish bad upon anyone and i also hope the shit heads who did this to this poor girl get there asses kicked and i hope they get jumped AND REALLY I NEVER WISH BAD UPON ANYWAY but that is how mad it made me
Hey moderator - can we get the blatantly racist bullshit expunged, or are you just here to "observe and report"?
@26 Yes, you're right. I wrote Metro a note too, but it was on their automated feedback form on their website. It was also much shorter and more overtly pissed off.

But still, my point was that the guys from this company saw this happening, saw how brutal it was, and stood around and watched. I'm sure there are liability issues they'd bring up, and maybe legalistically that's where they're coming from. It's still wrong.
"no crime in the north end."

Ha ha ha....sorry dude, anything above 85th doesn't count. Trailer trash and bandito country. Great White Nortth runs from the SHip Canal to 85th. Up here the blackest we get is Obama bumper stickers and cute adopted Haitian kids.
I'm going to go out on a limb and assume not too many people posting here have been jumped before. I have the unique distinction of it happening to me multiple times and *horror of horrors!* always by white people, including once when two of my friends looked on and didn't raise a finger to help. real fucking cool. just as cool as a bus tunnel full of people and three security guards unwilling to help. it's not specifically black people that are the problem. people of all walks totally suck. I anxiously await an asteroid to smear us off the planet. this incident reinforces that. Jesus Christ.

oh yeah, I'm white and I live in South Park.
"saw how brutal it was, and stood around and watched."

Blame Metro, they were following policy set by King County.

"I'm sure there are liability issues"

You mean when the NAACP and ACLU sue you for violating the little hos 'social justice'?
The PDF of the charging documents to which this article links include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those charged in this attack. Even the personal information of the juvenile offender is included. I am not sure how I feel about that.
"it's not specifically black people that are the problem"

Of course it isn't, just disproportionally so.
"Ian Smith" is the dumbest fuck I've ever seen on Slog, and I've seen a lot of dumb fucks. This includes people I've seen on videos linked on Slog.
"can we get the blatantly racist bullshit expunged, or are you just here to "observe and report"? Posted by Pol Pot "

Great, a guy named Pol Pot is offended. Couldn't find any other mass murderers to identify with?
#39: Yes, white men like yourself and black men are disproportionately violent criminals. You people deserve everyone else an apology.
"I am not sure how I feel about that."

Any chance they are from Wallingford? Should I be worried?

you're right. I should spend less time going about my daily routine and more time bringing it to the attention of random black people that they commit more than 13% of the crime in this country. whoops... I've wasted my life.
The security company needs to be replaced with regular police. They are irrelevant as they do not provide public safety. The tunnel belongs to the tax payer and we have every right to use it without having to deal with thugs.

As for the criminal charges, the young thugett in question should be charged with attempted murder and her fellow thuggies should be charged with facilitating attempted murder. The video makes this obvious. Also, the whole situation begs the question; did any of the security personnel know these thugs? The thugs seemed very comfortable attacking the girl right in front of the “security guards” as if they knew they would not intervene.
My guess is that the yellow vest people ("security guards" seems too generous) cared more about the yellow strip being crossed than about the assault itself -- which shows how messed up their priorities are.
Ian, which precinct lists the most crimes, total, in all years of reporting:…
Wallingford? Fremont? Green Lake? Don't tell, it's that ghetto on Queen Anne?
#49 Actually one of the defendants does live on Wallingford Ave. And another in Queen Anne.
since its obvious you live in the Wallingford/Fremont area, I'm gonna assume you are the kind of self-important asshat who comes into the Fremont Rudys and treats my girlfriend like shit. human garbage across the social stratosphere!
"Fremont Rudys and treats my girlfriend like shit"

Is she the tattooed midget in there?
""I'm not trying to say what anybody did was right. They were all wrong. My son was wrong to even be there," said the woman [mother of arrested suspect], who asked not to be named for fear of retribution. "But these two girls used to be good friends until they started dating each other's boyfriends, cheating, saying ugly things about each other on MySpace and stirring things up," she said."

What a stupid woman. It is unfrotunate that she decided to have children. They were not all wrong. They girl who was attacked was not wrong. She said bad things on MySpace. Too bad. Sticks and stones. If people like her would raise thier vile children to not get so upset about such things this would not have happend. Sounds like she should be sued for raising her child wrong.
@2: tyrone is a an old irish name.
These "security" idiots weren't in the tunnel before its two year shutdown. I love how now that it's open again fares went up. Wonder why...

Thank you for making my day just a little bit better.
Dominic: The King County Prosecutor's office filed robbery charges against four people allegedly involved in the beating of a girl in the downtown transit tunnel on January 28.

45/curtisp: As for the criminal charges, the young thugett in question should be charged with attempted murder and her fellow thuggies should be charged with facilitating attempted murder.

Daysha, the thug girl who was kicking her in the head, should definitely be charged with assault. That wasn't just some bitch-slapping. It was pretty brutal.

What I find interesting about this thread is that there are more people bashing the security guards than the thugs. Yeah, it would have been great if the guards had done something to protect Aiesha from the thugs but they weren't the criminals and the assholes. Daysha, LaTroy, Tyrone Watson and Dominique were.

I remember when the bus tunnel was closed and there were stories on the evening news about how Metro riders felt less safe waiting for the bus on the street than in the tunnel. Say what? These "security" yahoos aside, how could the tunnel ever be more safe? Because it's inside? Nonsense.

What happens if someone comes after you down there? There's no where to run, except up the stairs, which is a great situation in a flight scenario. At least on the street there might be other people around. You could scream for help, flag down a passing car, maybe even a police car.

People are weird.
@57: Well, I'll explain it for you. The security guards are paid with taxpayer dollars to provide a safe environment for mass transit users. The thugs were chasing someone for some bullshit reason that no grown-up person cares about.

So, yes, the thugs may be lower in the food chain, and they may be the bigger assholes, but the security guards let us down, while the thugs lived up to everyone's expectations.

"the security guards let us down"

No they didn't, they followed the direct and clear policies of King County Metro under Chairman Dow. Want to blame anyone, blame the bureaucrats at Metro, King County and the Chairman who are responsible for this policy. Don't blame the guys making minimum wage just following instructions. Had they grabbed these fighting hos, and a brawl ensued, you and the NAACP would be tearing them new assholes screaming about brutality and social justice.
#57 - I agree, the focus of the wrong doing should be on the thugs, but the situation is odd. In the video the thugs appear to know they could attack the girl and the guards would not interfere. It does raise the possibility that the guards and thugs are familiar with each other. The "security guards" may have been following procedure, but if they were police officers the thugs would not have gone into the tunnel in the first place. The security in the tunnel needs to be changed. A previous poster was correct in stating that once in the tunnel there is no place to run.
So in Oakland if you act like this you get a bullet in the back at point blank range from a BART cop. In Seattle, some rent a cop writes a report. How about a nice happy medium from transit security?
@62, Agreed more cops all over downtown making life unbearable for thugs and thuggettes. Should help clean it up and make it fit for humans.
@57 I'm definitely disturbed by the thugs too. Particularly that last kick to the face. Teenagers get in fights. Even girls. But, this was way beyond "normal" fighting and into "there's something seriously wrong with that girl" territory.
61: Had they grabbed these fighting hos, and a brawl ensued, you and the NAACP would be tearing them new assholes screaming about brutality and social justice.

More likely, had they intervened and hurt one of the thugs in the process, the parents of the thugs would have sued Olympic (and won) for its employees violating the "observe and report" part of the contract with Metro. That's probably why "observe and report" is in the contract in the first place: fear of a lawsuit.
Ian Smith -- can you provide some evidence of NAACP or the ACLU suing people for breaking up a fight? A link to a news article describing one such instance, perhaps?

65/Julie: But, this was way beyond "normal" fighting and into "there's something seriously wrong with that girl" territory.

I agree. According to a KING5 news report, the thug girl's mother said "She's a good person, loving sister and daughter. She has a good heart but unfortunately things happen." Sorry, but repeatedly kicking another girl in the head is not a "things happen" moment.

The news report also says that thug girl is going to be charged with "first degree robbery, which is a combination charge of assault and robbery."
62: In the video the thugs appear to know they could attack the girl and the guards would not interfere. It does raise the possibility that the guards and thugs are familiar with each other.

Sure, anything's a possibility. I think it's more likely that the thugs were fully aware that security guards were forbidden from doing anything besides observing and reporting (thugs aren't stupid just because they're thugs) and they took advantage of that.

Wow, where's a heat-packin' gun nut when you need one, huh?

annnnnd I rest my case!
Why would Metro pay for people who's only function is to "observe and report"? I do that for free every time I take public transportation. And there is more! Not only that, I will throw in - absolutely free - my intervention into any neck-stomping assaults I happen to see. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone. Everyone knows how to dial 911. What value are these douche security people adding?
Also, how about some turnstiles? I never see anyone paying to get on the light rail, but I sure see people riding. Did they really think the honor system would work?
I thought this would be a no-brainer, but ladies, when you walk around in the city you need to carry a weapon. I'm not saying stuff a Glock in your purse, but when you leave the house, take some mace, or a small knife, or some brass knuckles, not to threaten muggers but to defend yourself with should you actually get attacked. Your personal security is not something that should be delegated to other people.
If I'm reading it correctly, and if the victim's story is true, the Seattle Police should be pretty ashamed too. She says she asked the police for protection and they refused to help:

"...I saw the same two officers and I am trying to get their attention and told them the kids were following us. They were telling me that they had seen me hanging around the area and that I just needed to leave. I told them I couldn't because the kids were following me. I asked them to take me to the tunnel and they said they couldn't because they didn't have time for kids who started trouble."

After the attack, the same police officers came into the tunnel (possibly called by the security guards) and the victim started yelling at them angrily "telling them stuff like did you see what they did to me?... I told them that the group was outside McDonalds... They told me to leave the tunnel and were escorting me out. As I leave the tunnel they just stood in front of the tunnel and didn't even help me get to a safe environment. They just wanted me to leave."

A bit later, after her mom arrived: "My mom was going off on them and they were explaining that there were always fights down here and they can't monitor them all. They were saying that I had so many opportunities to leave the area but I had told them that I was trying to leave and was trying to catch my bus. They told my mom that they were tired of all these kids downtown causing trouble."

If true, there are a couple of cops who should not be working with the public there.
@75 +1
Ahhhhh, and this is why I live in Canada.
What did the security guards get charged with? Anything? Did they at least get fired? If there's any truth to the fact that it's policy for them to do nothing but "observe and report", replace them with a couple more surveillance cameras and be done with it.
Wow, way to break from journalist tradition (and standards) and publish minor's names.

10 years from now, when their records will have been expunged, everybody will still know. Thanks, in a backhanded way, for your service to the public.
#45 - "The security company needs to be replaced with regular police."

See how good privatization works! Instead of having well paid officers with benefits, you hire rent-a-cops for minimum wage, paying the corporation who employs them much more, and you get this garbage. See privatization, as pushed by the GOP, really works!
Serious question:
what is racist here?
a lot of it is certainly crude and rude; perhaps awkward and definitley not Liberal PC but what of it is actually 'racist'?

This is a serious question and not an attempt to be an asshole.
@57 is right-
of course the thugs were the culprits but we do expect more from professional (which is to say, people getting paid for the job...) security officers and it is ludicrous to pretend that, regardless of 'policy', their behavior was remotely acceptable.
I'm no lawyer (and, unfortunately, I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night...) but there is a legal phrase "depraved indifference" and to these lay eyes there seemed to be a lot of that on display.
I would love to see someone get creative and find a way to charge those worthless sacks of s... in yellow vests with something.
well you certainly cut through the clutter to the crux of the matter-
it is the Republicans fault!

there really is nothing, from the weather to street crime in their neighborhoods to the STDs they give each other that Liberals can't blame on the GOP...
now, let's not get all uppity with the Slog-
The Stranger crew never claimed to have any Journalistic Standards...

(and, if there's any justice, perhaps 10 years from now all these monster thugs will be long dead and gone- )
So, in summary:

#1, if Sound Transit's policy is that security guards may only "observe and report", then, yeah, let's replace them all with security cameras and save a whole lot of money.

#2, if the SPD can't be bothered to escort a minor to a bus or train when she's being threatened with assault, then, yeah, let's revert to vigilantism, and save a whole lot of money.

(Don't you just love how the SPD said they "didn't have time" to escort this kid to a bus, but they still manage to make three custodial arrests when busting up nerf-ball mini-golf tournaments on Capitol Hill?)

@84 -- gttim actually had a good point, and his analogy is quite relevant. Social services don't WORK when they're privatized, because public safety/health/etc. aren't particularly profitable if you're actually helping people.

And I'm sure that there are no republicans that live in shitty neighborhoods, are criminals or victims of crime, or contract stis. None.
and, @86 -- I was mostly being sarcastic. I'd actually prefer public safety officers who give a shit to either more cameras or these underpaid, under-trained low-lifes.
So why the hell are people modding down my questions to McGinn for today, again?…
I was a PTA president at Roosevelt and all the high schools have a step up day for the kids to come and get schedules, lockers, etc. So out of nowhere one girl comes chasing another thru the cafeteria. I jumped up and ran to where the victim was hiding behind some other PTA members. The victim had blood coming from a corner of her mouth. I stepped between. It did not occur to me to do otherwise and no other adult (the cafeteria had probably 300 kids and 20 adults) did anything.

I told the assailant that she had to leave and that she didn't want keep this up because it would end badly. She shrugged and turned away for a few steps. But then she doubled back around me, yelling at the victim. I stepped in again and now I shouted at her, repeatedly, "leave now, I'm calling 911". This girl was totally pumped up and shouted at me to get out of her face but I never stopped. She looked around and then left.

I'm about 4'9" so I am absolutely no physical threat to anyone.

It turned out that the victim was a newly enrolled student and the other girl didn't even go to RHS (hence the confused looks from students thinking "who are these girls?".

I had so many people tell me how brave I was. I just kept saying, "But we're the adults. We're supposed to break up fights or at least tell the kids to stop." I honestly just wanted them to stop.

In the case here, I likely wouldn't have tried to physically intervene but I would have screamed like a banshee. I saw the video and started shouting at the screen so I know I could not have stood by. What broke my heart is all the bystanders afterwards just looked down at this girl. Could no one offer this girl some comfort or aid?
Olympic Security is rented by Sound Transit. Sound Transit controls the tunnel- NOT METRO.
The tunnel was supposed to be enforced by SPD, but Sound Transit awarded the contract to King County Sheriffs. This has inflamed an on going pissing contest between SPD and KCS . I remember when SPD used to patrol and respond to security incidents on Metro. They were quite prompt. Once KCS took over, SPD would respond so slowly. In fact, response is even worse by KCS because SPD won't do it if they know there is one KCS in the area. Of course KCS seems to be more concerned with trying to bust drug dealers on Seattle streets and pushing over cyclists then actually doing their job: patrolling transit.
As for the guards, they are still responsible for calling for help. Same as a Metro driver.

Last year at Bumbershoot, my friend & I saw a visibly inebriated couple about to get physical--he was threatening to hit her. So, we jus' stood close to them & very visibly observed them yelling & screaming at each other. The dude finally noticed us & got embarressed, and security was soon on the scene breaking them up. Must have not been the Olympic Security Co.

Anyway, that was all it took. Is that really so hard???
@91 that sounds like a good expose on bullshit waiting to be written by Publicola, the Times, or the Stranger. Wonder if any will bother.
I wonder when we'll start getting roving armed vigilantes in the tunnels ....
Cross Seattle off the list of places to retire... idiots can't even actualize the notion of a guard: someone who protects against damage or harm. But we are SweetPeeCee, ain't we!!!!
"Last year at Bumbershoot"

What, with the other 98% of the people there who are white?

@91, I believe you are wrong. Metro hired Olympic Security not Sound Transit (ST) according to King 5 and other sources.

ST DOES NOT have full control over the tunnel. It is shared with Metro. ST must ask permission to access the tunnel. This may change in the future, but right now since both buses and light rail use the tunnel, it is shared with metro apparently having more control.

Not sure about the KCS and SPD dispute, but I think ST awarded KCS the security for the LIGHT RAIL which is different than the tunnel (even though there is some overlap). This last comment is speculation, so don't take that to the bank.
They didnt help her but instead they threw her out? I understand that they were doing what they were suppose to do, but after the attack they victimized the victim again.
@57: the talk and news is all about the guards cuz no one is questionning how awful the attack was, but everyone has to discuss whether or not the guards "could" do anything. Of course they could have, as human fucking beings, and they should have. No number of psychological studies will help me understand how one person can watch another get hurt like that without doing anything. It's bullshit to even try and explain it away. Those guards have lost their morals and should be ashamed, as should every other adult who was there.

Wow, and I thought Seattle was a forward-thinking place. Nice to see its racist underbelly all out in the open. Yikes.
Those security guards should be charged with being accomplices for standing by watching the attack and not even offering help after it's over.
@100 If only this were Seinfeld, they could've been arrested in violation of the Good Samaritan law.
@Ian Smith @25

How the hell do you quote someone who spells "lose" correctly then immediately spell it wrong in your own post?

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