Funny, the tunnels and stations are perfectly safe if you're not a criminal, gangbanger or little thievin' bee-ach.
And no one said a thing about the larger problem of outsourcing of work to private industry which should really be done by public agencies.
Thanks Light Rail for connecting us with the neighborhoods these hoodlums come from!
I wonder how well sheriff's deputies and SPD will work together. They sure seem pretty different in how they interact with the public, and one gets the impression there's no love lost between the two agencies.
If the Metro Transit Police issued citations to those non-paying riders (like in real cities around the world) they could maybe pay for themselves AND increase ticket revenue. Issuing citations cannot be done well by rent-a-cops because you are dealing with drunk angry people that attempt to skirt the system and avoid detection. I was pretty impressed with Melbourne's system when the cops would converge on a train with frightening speed. The drunk brutes they had to deal with on a regular basis was also frightening. People that would put their fist through the window in anger when they got caught. Yikes!

25 -- please stop referring to other places, and what they do in transit. Seattlehas the best transit in the world and we're also the most open minded, diversity loving crew in the world, but please, when you compare and judge like that you make our transit officials feel humiliated, like when we allow a circus and it makes the bears feel humiliated?

So it's probably a bit more considerate to never, ever make these comparisons, okay?

Simple solution, if people act up on or near any form of public transit KILL THEM! Tha's right haul their sorry asses into the street and pump 23 bullets in their head and chest. Problem solved!

*stay tuned for more of "Cato's Solutions for Everything" today on Slog!*
I've never felt particularly unsafe in the bus tunnel. Then again, I'm only in the tunnel to either a) commute to/from work, or b) go to/from a bar or movie theater or some other entertainment venue. If I was a layabout, loitering teenager with a long criminal record and a penchant for talking shit and picking fights, then yeah, I might feel unsafe.
Exactly Hernandez, Seattle is very safe for white liberals. Seriously, when we want to pick a fight we either 1. Start a petition or 2. Hire a lawyer.

But I support having more police on the system, it will mean these kids will know they are not welcomed by civilized society.
This poor girl went into the bus tunnel, where there was security that she, like probably everyone who ever sees "security", assumed was there to keep her safe. Instead they're untrained, minimum wage hall monitors who should never have worn jackets with "Security" printed on them. This assault is proof that there is no security for anyone in the bus tunnel. Armed law enforcement officials, even the brute squad that are the Transit deputies, would at least have tazered and arrested them both.
@2 and @10 ftw Dual Curling Babe win.

Gold and Silver medals all around!
"This poor girl went into the bus tunnel"

Looking to mug someone no doubt.

Karma is a bitch and it had Aeisha-Slamma-lamma-ding-ding-deshawnterey-Baker-Steward's name on it that day.
I think the fact that they are replacing Olympic Security has nothing to do with this beating. I think the International Olympic Committee sued them over their name.

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