"Maseratis tooling"

Let's sing the Strong Bad grammar song!

Ohhhhh if you want to make a possessive, it's just I-T-S
But if it's supposed to be a contraction then it's I-T-apostrophe-S
Maseratis? Really?

Seems like it would take a year or more to grow the booshy mustache you need to drive one of those. And it's kind of unfair to be calling the Picnik founders a bunch of recently-divorced bald guys with a daughter in college unless you know for sure.
Dogboy Hickey is a pimp.
a CUTE pimp. except he hasn't answered my facebook friend request!
Picnik has one of the best "auto fix" for jpegs I have ever seen. I frequently use it on my Flickr photos after uploading when I feel like the raw manipulation is not quite right, or to check what I did. I have been unable to find anything in a stand alone program that does as well. I wish they would make it so you could have it on your hard drive, but with Google snatching it up, that does not seem likely.
Flash is dead. You heard it here first.

It won't last out this decade.
This could be pretty good for users of an iPad (as we all know, Apple's fabulous mobile devices don't support flash).
@7 - I buy your second statement, but your first is dead wrong: Any blog that posts videos would have a bunch of blank rectangles without the Flash plug-in. It's going to be a necessary evil for a while to come.

But I can see Google rewriting this product, just for code management purposes.
@9, do not attempt to communicate with Will in Seattle. He's insane, and dumber than dirt. He knows nothing about consumer technology.

Yes, Flash will be gone by the end of the decade. That's TEN YEARS FROM NOW. The most important Flash application, YouTube, has barely been around for half that long. Lots of things "won't last out this decade".
@9 - sometimes you can see the beginning of a trend long before the tech geeks realize it.

The main problem is that the purpose and niche it filled is already shifting, and the peak is observable already.

You forget, @10, that you're confusing a Service (e.g. video snippets in a displayable format on many devices) with a mechanism to deliver that. The form is meaningless, not the desire for the service.

still dead. film at 10:30 in Newfoundland.
I'm still trying to unload all the VRML books that I bought after Will's convincing 1996 slog comment about how it was going to be the main standard of the future.
Skitch (non-flash) is a very slick, and free, alternative.
Flash isn't supported on the iPhone or Android. Kiss it goodbye.

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