Yes, malls have stores in them.
You've pretty much smudged your phone's camera lens to the point of being useless. Unless you're intentionally going for that Glamor Shots look.
That font is so yoked bra.

Are you looking for "Bennie and the Jets" perhaps?
In the index of my life, I will file this as:

Bad Reputation Comma I Don't Give a Damn About

(the store, not this post)
Teehee! Who could have thought someone would create a store that made Hot Topic seem like a more practical and less harrowing option.
What the fuck is that supposed to be a photo of? FAIL.
What's up? And what has it to do with HT? And why do so many people hate HT? Every time I've ever gone in there (admittedly not more than a half-dozen times) I've gotten great help either finding what I wanted, or an alternative, or deciding they didn't have what I wanted that day, yet I always hear comments like, "Ewww! Hot Topic--Ewww!". What am I missing here? P.S. I'm 60 YO.
They're very different stores, Dom. For instance, I don't think Hot Topic would ever carry TapOut gear.
WTF are you doing on the bottom floor of Westlake?
Young people often make clothing choices that befuddle, amuse, or annoy old people.
i pass this place all the time on the way to the gamestop. the female manikins have mega-huge tits and it creeps me out.
Yeah dude. If this is news to you, you don't get out enough.
The guys from Jersey Shore have to buy clothes from someplace!
@10: Daiso? Hello, duh.

Plus I reckon with his choice of visual subjects, probably getting new glasses.
So, this is like the retail clothing equivalent of siting a Burger King right next to a McDonald's?
That's been there for a year or two...
@10: Sometimes using the basement of Westlake to access the bus tunnel provides a good change of scenery.

Yeah, but most malls have enough sense to site stores that sell similar types of items a bit farther apart than 40 feet.

Unless it's a food court, of course, and even then you don't see Pizza Hut and California Pizza Kitchen right next to each other, now do you?

REAL punk-rock people who wear tight torn-up black and purple clothes and band t-shirts are angered by FAKE punk-rock people who have the same uniform. It makes it hard to tell who rocks properly and who is just a conformist suburban poseur.

Or something.
@11- Exactly.

Also their music is not as good as the music I listened to when I was their age.

And they persist in invading my lawn.

The mall store I find most interesting is "Torrid."
@22, Torrid is good, and so is Forever 21, but the store I get arrested in most often for surreptitiously masturbating in an old raincoat in is Claire's.

@21, seeing as how punk is well along into its fourth decade (fifth, if you count Iggy), I'm not incredibly impressed with their originality whatever band shirts they've got on.
@20 In what way is Bad Reputation similar to Hot Topic?

Also, malls usually put similar clothing retailers near each other. Take a look at few mall directories and I'm sure you'll notice, for example, that Hollister, A&F, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Express and other similar stores tend to be in the same general area. The same is true for many other types of retailers.
How's that font doing?
@25 FTW, thanks for making me laugh out loud in the library.
hahaha. ftw
I'm pretty sure that sign contains a subliminal message which reads, "BRO".

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