On the afternoon of March 4, two men allegedly beat another man and stole his diamond jewelry outside the Sea Garden restaurant in the International District, a Seattle police report says.

The victim, a jewelry store owner, was seated in Sea Garden at approximately 2:15 p.m. with several women when two Asian men joined the table, claiming to know the women. “What are you looking at?” one of the suspects asked the victim, before punching him and leaving the restaurant with the other suspect, the polce report says. The victim also exited the restaurant, only to be attacked by the two suspects, who were “punching [him] a lot, knocking him to the ground." One of the suspects reached down and began tugging on the victim’s gold chain, but it wouldn’t come off. The victim, who was bleeding from the mouth, saw both suspects enter into a light beige four-door sedan and drive southbound on 7th Avenue south. The victim chased after the vehicle before realizing his $3,000 dollar gold-and-diamond hoop earring was missing from his left ear, the report states. The victim returned to the scene of his assault to locate the earring but couldn’t find it. The victim believes the suspects took the earring, since one of the suspects had been tugging on his necklace. According to the victim, he’d “seen the suspects many times in the ‘Chinatown’ area.” An area check turned up no further information.