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I hear he's going to be in Boulder too. I know what I'm getting my sister in law for her birthday now.
So, since they're selling them through Ticketmaster ticket prices will actually start at $51.56, for shitty upper balcony seats, where no one is excited be.
Um, maybe they should've lightened that unfortunately deep-shadowed philtrum just a bit - or was the resemblance to Hitler supposed to be intentional?
OK I got my tickets...Ticketmaster stopped just shy of asking me for a blood test and my first born child. I also spent approximately $4,000 in convenience charges.

Coco, this one's for you.
I just dropped $102 for two nosebleeds. That's really frustrating. Ticketmaster's monopoly continues to piss me off.
looks like both shows are sold out!
What always kills me is Ticketmaster charging an additional "processing" fee, which only shows up at check out, in addition to the "convenience" fee. That particular insult got my ass down to the Showbox in person to pay cash for a ticket.

Fuck Ticketmaster.
@ 6 - Oh poo. That was fast.

Whelp, I guess I'll be cruising craigslist as the date nears... Gotta see Team Coco!!

@ 7 - I couldn't agree more. When I buy through Ticketfuckingmaster, I just have to bite the bullet and do it, those bastards. Didn't Pearl Jam try to take them down a peg or two a few years back?
Yeah, @8, but their efforts pretty much went nowhere. Ticket Monster (or alternately Ticket Tzar or Ticket Mizar as we used to call it when I worked there back in the late '80's) has almost a literal monopoly on the arena concert biz, so basically, they don't give a shit. They'll charge whatever they think the market will bear, which in this case is quite a bit, because none of the other online ticketing agencies have anywhere near their segment of the market.

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