I'd buy tickets to that.
Weir deserves better than a crappy ice tour.

A figure skater that wears flashy outfits?
And you know Stars on Ice is going to play the victim here...
My previous job was at a very small IT company run by some bigots. One time they interviewed this guy and after the interview they talked out loud saying how this soft spoken guy might be a fag (even tho this guy had a wedding ring on) and didn't hire him. Straight people (esp. guys) think discrimination against gays are unimportant to them but they need to realize someday they can be discriminated against b/c of how they act. Johnny Weir might not be gay and yet he's paying the price for Americans' notion of what masculinity should be.
god forbid the gays should become interested in ice skating.
Why stop at rock salt and poo throwing ? I'm sure the lobby members will come up with other 'lovely' methods of violence to inflict upon those who want to uphold family values. It's not like they haven't done so before.

The tolerance of those who demand societal approval ......queer activism at work.
@7: Of course a self-loathing gay man like you would casually ignore hyperbole. It's just so convenient.
But they are the ones that "Hate", those in the gay lobby on the other hand are all about 'equality', they're incapable of harming a fly. That is unless the the fly disagrees with them.
Let's parse this for a moment: a figure skater is being barred for being perceived as "too gay".

"Stars on Ice" isn't exactly a monster truck rally, is it?
danny when you overuse and abuse the word 'hate' it loses it's power plus it is a real disservice to actual victims of actual hate.
go change your panties.
every time you don't get a cookie it isn't HATE...
Yeah, cause throwing crap at the skaters who are earning money in one of the only tours left in the US for them to perform is going to make SOI producers change their mind.

@7 - I get it: family values = hating queers. You're a good Christian.
Having attended several Stars On Ice dates in Austin over the years, I can say that Johnny Weir is exactly the sort of skater you WANT in an event. You want the skaters with a sense of fun, ones that can play to the crowd. A skater named Laurent Tobel, from France, who never accomplished much in international competition, was always my favorite for just that reason.

As a skating fan I find it irritating that an American skater of Weir's credentials would be left off a tour of the States, when Stars on Ice had no problem (for instance) letting Philippe Candeloro dampen auditorium seats with shirtless "Zorro" routine in the late 90s
For the sake of accuracy, in this case it's probably not hate precisely but cowardice. This seems more likely to be about not being boycotted and protested by bigots, I would think, and not actually about having anything against Weir.

Loveschild, yours is truly a tragic story, the way you've been brutalized and victimized by all those radical gays and their violence. You're such a sad little fly.
Dammit! I wanted to go to see him skate! There's no way in HELL I'd give those people my money now. Throwing stuff on the ice to endanger other skaters and make some hapless rink employee have to clean up something gross isn't the answer, though. Just e-mail Stars on Ice and tell 'em they're out your $70. Also note who the sponsers are and tell them the same.
@5 - Paris in the springtime WISHES it was as gay as Johnny Weir.
In LC's world, gay people are large, muscular males who beat up the poor heterosexual minority and steal their children.

And we all know how much Loveschild loves children.
@9 - What is this "gay lobby" you speak of? Oh, right: it's part of your conspiracy theory.
I may be missing something here, but aren't all male figure skaters gay?
@8 Bacon, you must know something about my body that I, my husband and my kids don't. Or are you one of doctor that specializes in gender reassignment ? Let me tell you I don't have nor have I ever had any desire whatsoever in having a penis. I'm sure you will find many willing patients here on Slog that are in dire need of your services tho. Not me, sorry.
This is very interesting news. Having worked in TV I've had contact with both Stars On Ice and IMG Entertainment. This doesn't sound like them at all. He wouldn't be the only gay guy there. One that was there a few years ago was a pretty good flirt. Don't know if he was gay or not, but it sure felt that way to me.
Have you ever been to a Stars on Ice performance? It's all old folks and gay guys. They might want to examine who attends these things.
@9: So why else would they take a three-time national champion and say "you aren't family-friendly"? Was it his programs which included terrible songs like these?:
-Ave Maria
-Sur Les Ailes Du Temps
-What a Wonderful World
-Les Parapluies des Cherbourg

Or his outfits, which have been called "flashy" but "conservative"? Is it his technical performance which includes a lot of modest skill-based techniques?

He has never made a point or issue of his sexuality, he refuses to do so. He said:
When asked about his sexuality, Weir has stated, "'s not part of my sport and it's private. I can sleep with whomever I choose and it doesn't affect what I'm doing on the ice."

Or is it his religion? He's a Roman Catholic.
The lords of ice skating are getting like the freakin' Catholic church here. Protesting too much? With all the feathers, sequins, and loin cloths on all the male skaters, poor Johnny Weir has totally run out of ways to look more fey. For god's sake, the most masculine costume worn by a man in the Olympics looked like Barry Manilow in a 1980 concert.
The only other thing I can think of that Smucker's sponsors is centenarians.
Johnny should go on a solo tour on competing dates.
@15 - You may be on to something.

If there's one thing we know, it's that there is never a shortage of fundamentalist religious groups ready to protest anything and everything that they feel "promotes the homosexual agenda". Smuckers is probably chickening out to avoid the bad press. Disappointing. "Not family friendly" is code for "Not closed-minded Christian bigot friendly".
I say the gays and any female who knows/is friends with/get her hair done by a gay should just not go to the Stars on Ice.

Let's check the attendance then.
@7 oh yeah, because it's queer men and women who commit acts of violence against "those who want to uphold family values." look at some crime stats. that is not the case. everyone, including you, know it is people who are supposedly "upholding family values" that routinely assault queer men and women. ever hear of gay-bashing? of course, bigots like you don't care about facts when they fly in the face of your ignorant beliefs. your posts are slowly eroding away my faith in humanity. what happened to you that you became so filled with hatred?
@22 Weir's behavior is not an open secret, he flaunts it with his exaggerated dresses and poses both in and outside of the ice.

Having said that, I personally don't see anything wrong with him, it's not as if figure skating is something that most little boys look up to. So, so long as he doesn't get political I just don't see any wrong. But I can see their reasons for not wanting to be necessary associated with him.

Because it's just a matter of time before Weir starts making pro this and that statements.
@29 People like you have no idea what freedom is all about.
@20: Yeah, except your story shifts, you write in a very distinctly masculine way (per the algorithmic work of Argamon, Koppel, Fine and Shimoni), you have a hard time connecting with or relating to other women on Slog (even those who at times agree with you), you rarely if ever get references to black culture correct and all these things you gird yourself with like family structure, gender and race are completely muddled by your pathological inability to stick with a single story.

Maybe you need to put a post-it note on your monitor to remind you of who you are portraying?

Anyway, you're fun. Please never leave. And when you decide to come out of the closet, give us a shout out in your letter to Dan. <3
"Because it's just a matter of time before Weir starts making pro this and that statements."

Aw... For flips sake, are you Weir's best friend, too? He confides in you and tells you his plans? He's given you permission to speak on his behalf?

" Weir's behavior is not an open secret, he flaunts it with his exaggerated dresses and poses both in and outside of the ice."

Aren't you the one who is always arguing that gay's can't be visually identified? Yes, you are! And, here you are identifying him based on visual clues. We'll have to put 11 March, 2010 down as a magical day, because Loveschild argued that a law of the Bible was historically, culturally outdated so it need not be obeyed it on one thread and that she can visually identify a gay man on this thread. Wow! Seriously, 11 March, is going to be added to my favorite days of 2010 along with other such esteemed dates as 27 Feb. (Taj Mahal was sublime!) and 23 April is when Mr. Buddy Guy comes to town, and Mr. BB King is due in Nov. Take that back, 11 March can be on my back up list. It doesn't seem proper to include this with the legends that are Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, and BB King. Still, thanks for the smile Loveschild.
"Having said that, I personally don't see anything wrong with him, it's not as if figure skating is something that most little boys look up to. So, so long as he doesn't get political I just don't see any wrong. But I can see their reasons for not wanting to be necessary associated with him."

Do you ever think about what you just freaking write - you contradict yourself. If little boys don't care about figure skating then why is Johnny Weir's "flashy" dresses and poses so scary that he needs to be barred? The mostly little girls who go see figure skating will think men all act like that ??? Johnny has not been political and you see nothing wrong w/ him but you still condone the tour organizer's behavior. It's people like you that's ruining the kids. Teletubbies are "gay" b/c they wear purple and act certain way.. It's y'all bigots who see sex and gay in every goddamn thing and suck the innocence out. I hope your kid (if you do) turns out gay just to fck with your narrow mind.
Wait, there are gay men in male figure skating? I've never heard of such a thing! Next thing you know, they'll want to go to prom too.
to kim in portland:
your posts are always well written. and you seem to be able to not get angry (or at least it doesn't come across in your writing) at insane/bigoted comments. you argue with a cool head and do so intelligently. i just wanted to say thanks. you restore my faith in humanity at a level equal to the level at which loveschild erodes it.
The stupidest thing is, Johnny Weir is MASSIVELY popular with kids already.
I just want to say that "Be Good Johnny Weir" is a triumph of reality television, especially the scene wherein he tries on furs and packs his suitcases to go to Russia. I cannot get enough.
@7 - Family values? I'm glad I'm not part of your family, based on the fact that every commet you leave here is full of hatred and bigotry. That's a nice way to raise your kids.
If they got rid of everyone perceived gay in figure skating, we would just be watching Zambonis circle the rink, smoothing the ice for hours.

Which would actually be kind of fun.
Also, Loveschild is a hateful cunt. I much prefer non-hateful cunts.
I love how bigots always claim that hating gays is the same thing as being "pro family". All the gays I know have families, and do more to support them than most straight people I know. Intolerance has nothing to do with being "family friendly". I am a straight woman who loves figure skating, and there is no chance at all that I would ever buy a ticket to Stars on Ice. Discrimination hurts everyone - boycott Smuckers!
Kim, I think LC has also admitted she's a lesbian!!

To wit: "Let me tell you I don't have nor have I ever had any desire whatsoever in having a penis."

Now, speaking as a healthy straight chick, there's not much in this world I love MORE than having me some big'n'bouncy penis.. or even some willowy'n'wily penis, for that matter.

But LC has publicly declared, on this historic day of March 11 2010, that she does not now nor has she EVER had any desire whatsoever in having a penis! She a lezbean!

This is a red-letter day, indeed!!

Thank you for your very kind words. Just so you know, I do get frustrated and angry, but mostly I feel great sorrow and pity for those individuals like Loveschild. I hear a blindness in their hearts and minds that prevents them from seeing beauty and from experiencing it. Fear prevents them from really loving their fellow human, and it denies them wonderful people and relationships. To allow fear to control you, is a pitiable condition in my opinion.

I use music to refuel my spirit. Here's a shout out to Australia's Paul Kelly (and the Stormwater Boys),…, with the best darn song I have found for when I feel like I'm banging my head on the wall. Please note that the video contains brilliant photos by Lee Friedlander and the frustrated artist in me doesn't mind nudes (a beautiful woman), but the presence of one makes this video a candidate for NSFW. Enjoy.
I've been tweeting Smuckers for an hour to complain, but there is some plausible deniabilty here to be 100% fair. Weir once described the difference between his routine and another's as cognac and cigarettes vs. Vodka shots and cocaine. His reality show is not 100% family friendly.

But either reason is BS -- anything inappropriate would get edited out of the SOI broadcast, they could easily prevent SOI from being shown in the reality show. And live audiences would see only a pre-approved routine.

I just think Scott Hamilton dislikes him and Scott is Stars on Ice. You can detect tension in Scotts voice when he talks about Johnny and when he praises his skating there is a grudging undertone. Even when calling his routines.

FTR I think any judging bias is not due to the gay but due to Johnny's outspokenness on judging integrity and the scoring system itself. I mean could anyone be do stupid to think that suppressing Johnny Weir would solve the "gay problem"? Lysecek the supposed manly man skater is (widely considered gay.

The whole family friendly thing is troubling for another reason. It equates family-friendliness with homophobic. God forbid kids growing up fabulous have role models! One of the pleasures of the reality show is Johnny's relationship with his mom and aunt, who are decidedly unfabulous themselves. They are classic subueban mom types. Viktor Petrenko's relationship with his MIL as they coach Johnny is intriguing too but that's another story. Johnny has faced and dealt with countless challenges even with this unconditional support. Families could do way worse.
We need answers from Smucker's & Stars on Ice. Please sign this petition if you would like to help:…
Can't post the link for some reason but it is available at GLAAD's blog/twitter.
I love Johnny Weir and I'd pay to watch him skate. And I haven't been remotely interested in skating in over 40 years! But gawd, that guy is cute, straight or gay, makes no diff. And a magnificent skater.

Don't they get it?? All of us who'd actually pay dollars to watch him skate so beautifully??!
Shooting themselves in the financial foot, they are.
Die Loveschild, die.
Please don't feed the trolls - esp. the Blood Lust ones
Dude, if any skater isn't "family friendly", it's Evgeni "Inferior Male Skaters are Pussy Women" Plushenko. I freely admit his douchery entertains me, but I'd consider Weir a way better model for my kids if I had any.
Why doesn't Johnny (are you) Weir start his own Anti-Stars on Ice? I'd bet you'd have a LOT more people interested in seeing that show.... i'd pay $70 for that, no doubt. Fiercest show on earth!
Um, yeah, don't care.

SOI can employ whoever it wants for any reason it wants. Likewise, Mike's Leather Bar doesn't have to hire my boring, straight (but very toned! meow!) ass if I don't fit their look and feel and demographic.

Sometimes you are not welcome, and that is just how it is. Sometimes you are not welcome because of who you fuck. That is just how it is. If people who exclude you from their lives otherwise leave you alone, who cares if they want a club you cannot join? Form your own.
Did anyone see that Chippendale's on ice performance that the Russian guy gave at the post-competition skating exhibition last month? And they think Weir isn't family friendly?…
Smuckers products include their jams and jellies, Pillsbury products, Crisco oil, Dunkin' Donuts, Folgers coffee, Jif peanut butter, Knotts Berry farm products. BOYCOTT COMPANIES THAT DISCRIMINATE under the guise of being "family friendly". If you buy their products, you are part of the problem.
You know who he reminds me of? Pee Wee Herman. How is that *not* family friendly????? Other than jerking off in a movie of course, but that's not Pee Wee -- that's the guy who *plays* Pee Wee on TV.
And by the way, Weir downplayed the idea that it's because he's gay: "He dismissed the idea that he was excluded because of his flamboyant style or perceived sexuality and noted that ice-skating is always going to be flashy." From…

Maybe there just isn't enough room on the ice right now.
Johnny ALWAYS plays down the idea that anything is because he's gay, probably because he isn't openly gay.

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