he didn't fuck up. his mission was to permanently fuck government up and give the plutocracy free reign.
How DEEP did Bush drive the nation into the red?

Less DEEP in 8 years than Obama did in 13 MONTHS.
@1 : That means he was a very successful president after all!
This is old news for anyone paying attention to other things beyond the Stranger. You know there are great sources of news like, or Democracy Now etc. that actually cover stuff like this AS IT HAPPENS.

But thanks for waking up, years after the fact
And don't even get me started about how badly he fucked-over the EPA.
@2 -
Wow! That's what I call a DEEP statement out of your ass.
It's easy to remember the big ways George W. Bush failed the country. Abandoning Afghanistan to pursue a pipe dream,
Hardly, the Taliban were beaten back, women were liberated, children started going to school again

invading Iraq for no rational reason,
Some of the many who said Saddam had WMD: Hans Blix, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, Colin Powell

driving the nation deep into the red,
Ha! You ain't seen notin' yet

ignoring the gathering indicators of financial doom,
tried to reign in Freddy and Fannie but blocked by the dems
condoning the torture of human beings,
If only Danniel Pearl had similar treatment
cheap lazy editorial gimmick

@7 So you think that because the other side executes people we don't have any rules? What is to stop us from using mustard gas once again? There is a reason we have rules to war. There is a reason we have laws about the treatment of our enemies who have tried to kill us. Read a history book.
*7... are you quoting yourself here? I mean, the quote boxes make it look all official, but wow.
@2: you insist on being dense.

his task, to permanently fuck government up, consisted of digging a deficit hole so deep that any democratic successor would spend 8 years climbing out of it.

when bush's RECONCILIATION-PASSED tax cuts expire in 2011, the hole will start to get filled in, but in the meantime you & your newly minted deficit hawk ilk will piss and moan about socialism.

where the fuck was your bitching when bush put 2 wars on our credit cards?
@2 your math is still off.
Cite your sources, and do it accurately or go jack off somewhere else.
Why she wearin her pearls with her jammies and a microphone?

Or, you know, Bush created 90% of the red.

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