Beer and fried food at the 5 Point
  • Beer and fried food at the 5 Point
So the 5 Point debuted their new happy hour menu last night, just in time for Slog Happy. It included deep-fried Beecher's cheese curds, mac and cheese wedges, a burger a fries for under three bucks, and the infamous and tragically-named Tobacco onion rings (that don't taste like Tobacco at all). The final consensus, after trying most of those things over the course of 90 minutes (save for the burger, I'm a vegetarian) is... menu approved!

The cheese curds were really great. They were gooey and melty but still had a great snap to them. The Tobacco onion rings were good too—super thin and crispy with just a little bit of heat from the cayenne pepper. I would've loved to have a better quality mac and cheese in the wedges, but whatever—it was cheesy and deep fried so I'm not really going to complain.

Thanks to all of you who came down to try the new food with me, too! And thanks for telling me stories about how awesome your great-grandmas all are, and for enjoying my pick of songs on the jukebox (sorry I hogged it—I only had a $5 bill and really wanted to hear Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now"), and whatever else it was we talked about (I remember something about Twilight and Star Wars and family names... the rest is a blur).

Anyway—it was a great Slog Happy, despite the rain. So thanks to the 5 Point for being such lovely hosts, thanks for the cheese curds for being so fucking delicious, and thanks to you all for coming.

And now... what about next month? Suggestions? Maybe a place with a patio, since it will be APRIL and possibly kind of sort of WARM?