Lunchbox definitely is worthy of cheating on your diet!
For what it's worth, a cheeseburger can be a perfectly acceptable part of a balanced diet, as long as you skip the fries and soda.

You mentioned you like sweet potato fries, which I believe to be wrong, so I don't think I can be any further help to you.
Lunchbox Labratory is a marvel. A Seattle treasure. of course, you can only eat there about once every 6 months, it'as just too much information for your body and mind to process... And what a backstory!…
Man alive I love LL. Might have to go there this weekend.
You might want to plan on Lunchbox being your only meal of the day.
This seems like a set up. This was a softball question. Obviously LL is the correct answer. I mean, right down to sweet potato fries.

I think these two just swindled a couple gift cards from The Stranger. Nicely played.
Hmm. This may be a food violation. I believe hamburger or ground beef must be cooked to an internal of at least 155 degrees for fifteen seconds. Washington State Department of Health link:…

Check out page seventeen

That may be so, but since I've been on my diet I've eaten very little red meat, and the couple of times I've had ground beef, and pretty high-quality at that, I've found it very uncomfortable to digest. So, regrettably, no LL for me for a while :(


When I've eaten there, it's been my only meal for a couple of days.
#8 - I understand, everyone's body/reason for diet/etc. is different.

I've been only been to LL twice, and I while I appreciate what they're doing there and hope they keep their fans happy for years to come, it wouldn't satisfy my craving for a burger. In my opinion, they cross the line from burger familiarity into some weird meat-sandwich fancy zone.

That's why I skip the milkshake. They do have beef alternatives, although I can't speak to how good they are.
I'm just releived that no one told you to go to the deluxe. it's like, detention for cheeseburger fans. Never ever cheat on your diet there. waste of points!!

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