Good luck TRYING to get a condo at 65% markdown - the bank will outbid you unless you're willing to go at least 60% of market-rate, because they don't want to devalue all the surrounding properties.
yeah, that Teddy Bear clinic is good idea and all 'till you find out having stuffing for internal organs is considered a pre-existing condition and your carrier drops you.. and then you lose your house trying to pay for expensive procedures, plus the chemo phase is even worse on stuffed animals. not pretty.
COMTE, it says "35 percent lower," meaning 65% of original asking price.
So it's cool that a bunch of runners shut down the viaduct for a race, but if a group of bikers shut down the viaduct for critical mass, they are a bunch of self-righteous assholes?
@4, maybe it's because one is an organized event with almost 15,000 runners FOR CHARITY, with security and permits, and the other is a unplanned, unannounced event for ten assholes jumping out into traffic without warning?

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