You know, all I can think about is how, when you're pregnant, your snatch turns into a giant sweat gland that is way worse than your armpit will every be. And I can't decide if that makes me admire John Edwards for his courage or if it makes me want to hurl.

I'm leaning toward hurling.
She might have taken a shower first.
No. Still a cheater. Having said that, there are many men outhere that share his fetish.
Hmm, I wonder who he's doing now. Not the wife, and not Rielle, but you can pretty much bet the farm somebody's fucking him.
Shouldn't this thread be called "You Gonna Eat That?" as well?

@4: I think that somebody would be Andrew Young at this point.
Straight people are fascinating. I think we should pass laws to protect their strange preferences from any form of discrimination.
meh, probably won't make up for cheating on your cancer-stricken wife who everyone likes. especially with women who are uptight, think their vulvas are ugly, and therefore dislike cunnilingus.
As if the mental image of John Edwards' shiny, manicured balls slapping against Rielle's sweaty grundel wasn't distasteful enough. Does John Deere rent a backhoe long enough to further deepen the hole that Edwards currently occupies?
Not me. And, I say that as a woman who loves sex. I don't know Mr. Edwards, but what I do know about him does not make me feel inclined to respect him. Dishonesty, lack of integrity, cowardice and hypocrisy do not promote respect, but pity. It isn't his mistakes and failures, because we all screw up, but how he handled them. Although, I do wish him peace and the courage to reconcile with those he wronged. I am disinclined to want to know anything about him... So, I don't think of him at all, nor do I wish to.
Oh, and I disagree that having sex with a pregnant woman is a "fetish". Some pregnant women find orgasms helpful and enjoyable, and some do not. It is my opinion that pregnancy (and later parenthood) should not equal sexless for either partner.
i don't understand why any woman would choose to date, let alone have a kid with, a guy who doesn't like to go down on them. i mean, i can't think of any reason not to like giving head to a woman beyond a) being selfish to your partner's pleasure, or b) not liking vagina. both seem like deal breakers to me. just sayin'. also, john edwards is an idiot and a douche. that's about all the thought i'm willing to expend on him.
If he had been going down on cancer-stricken Elizabeth, it would have been redeeming.
@1, You may want to have your OB/midwife check that out. Gross.

Many women are terrified of being alone. Many women believe that they don't deserve better. Many women, after years of dating outright shitty men, are willing to settle for a lousy or nonexistent sex life if the guy isn't a raging douche.
I don't see what the big deal is. If you're not GGG ...
I didn't realize eating pussy was a "fetish".
is something that is should be mutually required a fetish?
actually, according to my midwife, an orgasm = a full body massage to a fetus. My boyfriend was one of those dudes who thought his penis was actually big enough to hurt our unborn child (I know big dreams) so that is what she told him and it did get a little better. But not much. But now we fuck like bunnies again soo meh. The hiatus in hindsight, was okay.
I highly recommend the book "Game Change", a behind-the scenes-look at the 2008 campaigns. John Edwards' douchery came through loud and clear in that book...and "saint" elizabeth ain't no saint. Good reading.
Pregnant sex is luscious--everything is full and swolen and unbelievably sensitive, and not at all like a sweaty armpit. I'd be pregnant yearly just for the sex, if it weren't for the pesky damn child that results from such things. A good orgasm while pregnant is unlike anything you can imagine--even better than a g spot orgasm.

So I'm confused--which is the fetish--eating pussy or fucking a pregnant woman? If there was anything abnormal about fucking a pregnant woman, then I would imagine there would be a lot more households with only one child.
@13 FTW
According to Bill Maher, going down on a pregnant woman is an act of self-sacrifice. Because pregnant women and their pussies are, umm, so gross? Thanks, Bill.

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