bet she was tiny - around 5', weighed 100 lbs. max. the size of a deer.

wolves aren't looking to take down aksel lund svindal.
Too bad she didn't have one of those evil handguns. She'd probably still be alive.
I'll admit I don't know exactly how such a scenario would play out, but it seems to me that few people outside of John Rambo would have any luck taking down a pack of hungry wolves with a handgun.
We're here, we're queer, we don't want anymore wolves!
They're not stupid, Hernandez. If you start blowing a few away, the others get the message pretty quickly.
even if they're desperately hungry enough to take down a jogger? probably not, 5280. this points to over-hunting of wolves natural food sources.
Yeah, that's what I would figure, but does the average handgun owner have enough skill to blow a few away and scare off the pack before they get taken down? I know a lot of gun owners, and most of them have only basic to moderate shooting skill. Hitting multiple fast-moving targets in an extremely short window of time would definitely be beyond their ability.
Probably true, Hernandez. I could do it, so I just assume everyone can, but I'm a whole hell of a lot more highly-trained than most people.

Still, I'd take a fighting chance over no chance at all every day of the week.
Clearly we have not destroyed enough of the wolves natural habitat. The solution is more oil drilling and more strip malls and McMansions all over Alaska!

Man vs Nautre! ONWARD TO VICTORY!!!
hold on #6, this isn't a political thing just yet. this is more like one of those a-person-from-a-more-settled-area-not-understanding-that-wild-animals-are-still-dangerous thing. this is one situation where gun ownership makes complete sense, although it's totally possible that a gun would not have saved her. i'm gonna guess that she twisted her ankle or was somehow hobbled when the wolves noticed her. in any event, that's one of the worst ways to go i can think of.
@6: it's also not-quite-spring, so a lot of their prey isn't out of hibernation. a tiny woman, running alone, wearing headphones, is a pretty good target.

and if you look at where chignak lake is, i doubt the prey species are over-hunted. it's WAY down towards the aleutians.
@8 I won't argue with you on that score. Love nature, enjoy nature, but respect the fact that nature can kill you many times over.
if you hit a wolf with the handgun or not.....don't you think that the BOOM of a handgun is enough to scare the average animal away? my guess is yes, but I'm no expert
wolf attacks woman, flock of geese attacks airplane, killer whale attacks trainer.
The animals are coming for us, just like the last march of the ents.
@Hernandez and @Fifty-Two-Eighty…

(see the middle quotation)
"Half-term Governor of Alaska Killed by Wolves" would've been more fun to read.

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