We need more pics of bike riders in the Fremont Arts Council's annual Fremont Solstice Parade.

Just sayin.

By the way, you can do direct paycheck donations to them if you are faculty, staff, or student (work part-time) at any college, university, or state agency. They're under arts organizations, and it's fully tax deductible.
Wow. Those two guys doing bike-ballet look totally gay. And totally hot. I think I'm suddenly developing a bike fetish.
@2: Baby steps, Reverse, baby steps.
That bike ballet looks like a bad version of BMX flatland from the early 80's. Nice costumes. Do a Miami Hopper for me.
The thing I love about Cascade events is they provide adequate parking.

Thank you Cascade!
Dear bikers, teach adult bike riding lessons. Not all of us had horny step dads who bought bikes to keep the kids out of the house while they boned mama. Some of us had workaholic dads who were too busy networking to teach us how to ride like a grown up.
I guarantee the best way to move ahead bike safety laws and bike friendly roads is to create a bigger culture of riders.

A lot of drivers I know who get super aggressive towards cyclists have never ridden a mile in their werid clip-toe shoes.

I don't know how to ride right. teach me!
@6 I got a little tip for you: Get on a god damn bike and figure it out. That is how EVERYBODY learns it. If I ever see an "adult bike riding lesson" I'm going to fucking lose it.
@ #6: Check out Cascade Bike Club's "Riding w/confidence" class:…

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