Just above the train tunnel...

Beneath your feet: the rumbling and shaking (almost cracking) concrete; and beneath that: the screeching and roll of the train. Here is possibly the only spot in Seattle that transports you directly to the streets of Manhattan. There you feel like you are on the back of a beast. The thriving subway makes an animal of the streets. And is that not what a city is? An animal? Spinoza thought the whole universe was an animal. Then there is Nietzsche:
And woe to that fatal curiosity which might one day have the power to peer out and down through a crack in the chamber of consciousness and then suspect that man is sustained in the indifference of his ignorance by that which is pitiless, greedy, insatiable, and murderous — as if hanging in dreams on the back of a tiger.
That is Manhattan; that tiger is the universe.