If you're reading dense, confusing coverage today about the possible Health Care Reform vote, coverage that focuses on "self-executing rules" or "deem and pass proposals" and their constitutional validity, I invite you to read TPM's simple, reader-friendly breakdown of what is actually being proposed:

There are two bills. The senate's original bill and the changes to that bill the House has now negotiated with the Senate. Normally, this is all hashed out in a conference committee. And it's all voted on in a single vote. In this case, that's not possible because of the continuing Republican filibuster in the Senate. So the House is considering taking both bills, consolidating them into a single vote, up or down. The old fashioned way. This isn't 'not having a vote'. And this has been done repeatedly before.

(And if you, like me, are experiencing a renewed edginess about the House's potential vote this week, I suggest you read this, too—about how Republican desperation is showing and Dems are seeing increased support in the polls—and hope that lawmakers will finally have the backbone to successfully orchestrate this mess.)