Some of the questions put to me tonight by students at DePauw University...

I like going down on my boyfriend but he often has a pretty funky smell down there... like it makes me want to puke. How can I talk to him about it or make it go away?

Does having an enema fetish mean you're into scat? I don't want to be into scat.

Why do you think closeted lesbians have a difficult time coming out in a sorority?

What are the best ways to incorporate food into your sex life?

If I cross over to the side of prostitution (to help pay for studying abroad) can I ever come back?

Making a long-distance relationship work?

Is it okay for people in queer relationships to not conform to heterosexual standards of what a relationship should be, i.e. one sex partner?

Some of my answers: you should be able to say anything to a man whose dick you've got in your mouth (and that includes take a bath, stank bomb (remove dick first)); not scat, splat; closeted lesbians who've joined sororities have a difficult time coming out because they were dumb enough to join sororities in the first place; about the only time Americans aren't "incorporating" food into their fat asses is when they're having sex and I'd like to keep it that way; most people who cross over to prostitution cross right back; I'm away a lot but my boyfriend and I actually live together; no.