Democrats are getting closer to having the House votes they need to pass the health care reform bill, possibly this weekend.

Who's at the top of the list of still-undecided House members? Well, when the list is in alphabetical order, it's Washington Congressman Brian Baird (D-3).

He's too busy being lobbied to come to the phone and talk to The Stranger, but I'm told that the ratio of "vote yes" calls to "vote no" calls that Baird is receiving has shifted slightly since yesterday, with more "vote yes" calls coming in. However, there's still an avalanche of "vote no" calls arriving from out of state. If you want to try to tip the ratio your way, here, again, are Baird's numbers.

D.C.: (202) 225-3536
Vancouver: (360) 695-6292
Olympia: (360) 352-9768

Meanwhile, Washington Congressman Adam Smith (D-9) is, according to his spokesman, Michael Amato, still unsure of what he'll do. Via e-mail, Amato tells me:

The Congressman is currently undecided, but leaning toward voting in favor. He is supportive of the content of the Senate sent bill and the CBO score, but wants to take his time to fully digest the content of the reconciliation package.

If you want to help Smith get off the fence, here, again, are his numbers:

D.C.: (202) 225-8901
Tacoma: (253) 593-6600